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  1. he told me he wanted to trade soo bad so i msged him on discord he gave me a offer consisting of 10 million pokedollars aswell as mettalic Arceus (flying) and mystic Arceus (flying) and mettalic Barbaracle (Grievous) and a Shadow Camerupt (Mega) that had 690k exp although i trusted him to give me the money after the trade but he did not listen and i did not Receive the money from him he never told me it was going to take some time for him to get the money to pay me and he is currently begging me to give him 10 days to earn the money he is trying to gaslight me to give him more time aswell. Can Justice Be Served? I have got the money from Srujankale
  2. message me on pv and ill talk to you about this okay? my ign is Ahgang
  3. i have entei whats ur offer?
  4. im intrested in 10 mill exp
  5. maybe what is the other leggie
  6. Ahgang


    i want shiny necrozma
  7. Hello i am currently Selling/Trading The following mons and the items i am selling Selling The following items And 1 promo 1x Aerodactylite 1x Meltan Candy Tornadus Therian Promo 1x Heracronite 1x Lopunnite 5x Latiosite 4x Mewtwonite 1x Star Sweet
  8. check my pokes and tellmme
  9. i can offer porygon hammer
  10. i can offer some pokemons for ur shiny mewtwo armor
  11. im sorry for u man but his acounts are gone and so are the pokemons that contain them
  12. So i recently bought the folowing promos and after a claimed both of them right after i claimed i got a zacian crowned avatar but i did not get a zamazenta crowned avatar and i am very confused on how to unlock it without buying it from pokebay
  13. Hello Everyone how is everyone doing today These Are The Pokemons I am Currently Looking For: If u have Any Of these You can msg me or if you want can type under this post And for sure i will get back to you
  14. im sorry for u man i tried everything that guy does not care he is not doing any thing now man sorry
  15. i am intrested now soo what should i give u
  16. i would be intrested in trading shiny zeroara
  17. helo i am intrested in ur shiny arceus and shadow mewtwo
  18. bro that image is nice man that entei looks mad nice
  19. im gonnah have to find one tho soo yeah ill notify u when i get it man no worrys
  20. i want shadow hoopa unbound
  21. pds or a good trade 30mill pds
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