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While searching maps, the most frustrating thing is that if u want to get a specific poke, we won't even see it until we search maps and waste almost 1-2 hours. Many players need a decrease in unique encounters, as it might help player to get things faster then to waster hours on searching maps only. We might get more time, to do other stuffs too in limited times. 

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You might be fine if you don't have nothing to do, but if a busy guy (like our Donkey.Beans players) they would like to find Unique pokes fast. Already we have many restrictions on many pokes, now if we get limited Unique pokes then this won't make game fun but nothing more then headache. 

If u are fine with this no prob, but this is something that the players who search maps and who only train, won't have any kind of prob. 

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With the release of Live Maps, the spawn pools for each area was drastically reduced.

I have had no issues hunting a specific Pokémon on new maps rather than on Legacy Maps. There is like 10-11 commons max per route/city/cave/town 3 rares, 1 legend and possibly 1 ub. On legacy you had to cycle through like 30 commons 10 rares 5 legends and 3 ubs and would rarely ever find something you need lol. Everyone has it good on the new maps and it is a decent balance between availability and rarity

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