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I've thought of another idea - Fantasy tie-ins! We already have Star Wars Pokemon. Why not add Fantasy Pokemon? This might be a little hard to achieve, but I believe that Fantasy Pokemon could be added to the game. Me being a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I would love to see LOTR or LOTR-esque Pokemon added into the game. Also, we could add like a story-based event introducing these characters, where you're in your own fantasy story! Here's my idea of a story. Here goes:


"New scientists have discovered ancient runes that, when decoded, told the story of a legendary race of Pokemon who were raised by mystical creatures up in the mountains. These Pokemon are very valuable, and, after these mystical creatures have become myths, learned the way of the creatures to preserve their culture."


So anyway, players could compete to uncover the mystery of these Pokemon, and get a reward out of doing this, like receiving the Pokemon. Hopefully I'm not being too obnoxious with these ideas! 😅

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On 3/30/2024 at 10:58 PM, Patrick said:

Gollum and Grimer don't share a body type, something like Mime Jr. is more fitting.

Agreed, and maybe Impidimp could work better as well.


22 hours ago, ImmortalDarkCrow said:

What would be best pokemon for Sauron? 

I have a couple ideas:






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