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  1. May the 4th, Star Wars themed event is closest that is officially known. No other events are planned before this one.
  2. Users have option to turn chat off, and make himself not available to chat. If player is done so, he will be online, but will not be available to chat with. https://imgur.com/qKiAjzO
  3. As much as i understand from what you have said, it seems you looked at bad example of trade thread. AS it was example of THREAD and not specific word "leggies", it has nothing to do with word "leggies" per se. So using said word is never said to be "bad" word to use.
  4. What would be best pokemon for Sauron?
  5. Gigantamax pokemons are not released yet, as such, users cant get them yet.
  6. Please provide evidences of wrongdoing. P.S. I said same to pk1234 when he asked me to make report
  7. LOL, sorry, but he scammed you and you still keep him as friend? Interesting choice. But, anyways. Being on same route is not against any rules so do not thing anything can be done. Grow up.
  8. I presume you bought pokemon promos. During claiming those promos you have chance (1/6 chance based on wiki) to get avatar of said promo pokemon If you want zamazenta crowned avatar you have 2 ways to get it: buy avatar from pokebay buy zamazenta crowned promos and hope to get avatar during claiming
  9. If you were banned in Pokemon Vortex discord channel, then you cant join back. As for reason why did you get banned in discord server, you probably broke one of discord rules (which one i do not now) And FYI one of discord rules: "If you have been previously removed from the chat, you are not allowed to come back on a new account for any reason (including to ask why you were banned)"
  10. Please provide evidence (screenshots) of your conversation with said person. Without evidence nothing realisticly can be done. You can use https://imgur.com/ to post pictures and links created should be posted in this thread.
  11. Look into ImmortalCrowsTomb trades as there is one up for trade. i will accept trade
  12. For reason of ban, it would be advisable to read ToS that you accepted when registred to play game.
  13. I would agree with this idea ONLY if all previous used usernames would still be visible in profile, similar to Steam.
  14. If you do not remember email address used when you registered it and it is not attected to discord account, then it is impossible to restore account as in restore password requirest email address on which account was registred and password restoring link will be send to said email address. Only option is trying to remember email address, maybe you saved in browsers password manager or wrote it somewere.
  15. Botting and automation are not only reasons why player may be banned. I would advise reading ToS that you accepted when registered and see reason for yourself...
  16. Melmetal "giant form" is Melmetal Gigamax and is already technically added and you can encounter it and other Gigamax forms in seasonal tower. Users cant acquire at the moment, but they should be added in future update for users to get. And as "old events" you understand what? Old event pokemons again as event? Then sorry, but unless event pokemons is not seasonal (Xmas, Halloween or Start Wars), it probably will not be added again as event ingame, unless they are needed for any future event. As there is way to get them even without active event. For example Arceus (Fire) you can get from Mystery box as reward, trade from player or buy from pokebay if player gets it from mystery box and does not need it.
  17. ToS are at bottom of page. https://imgur.com/PcF18TZ
  18. That is not a bug. That happens for everyone as preparations for Christmas event that will start in near future.
  19. At this point of time, event is expected to start on 18th of December 2AM GMT and last till 31st of December 1.59 AM GMT. But as always, date may be subject of change, based on different circumstances!
  20. Currently free Xmas Tokens are given out to players. Access to Event center to buy Xmas eevees will be available when event will start. At this time, event is supposed to start at 18th of december. When event will start you will be able to access to Event Center. So relax and wait for event. That is considering that this years event will not be changed compared to last years and date may be subject of change, for various reseasons.
  21. I never said you are banned. I named 2 reasons why you may have problem. If problem is not with you being banned. then problem is with your discord account... and "wasn't even fully involved" and at same time "Back then there was like a whole clan vs clan drama and some people (and at this point I think it includes me) got removed from the server." So it is possible that you were banned for "clan vs clan drama" that it looks you were involved in, if you were "removed from the server". Having access to discord server does not limit your ability to enjoy game. So, GLHF.
  22. If you were banned from discord server, then you will not be able to join back. If you were not banned, then problem is with your discord account and Admins have no control over discord functionality to help you in that regard.
  23. Said pokemon can be evolved only during event time. So after event has ended. Evolution is not possible. Same is with several other pokemons, for example: xmas caterpie or xmas pikachu.
  24. Yes, shadow and shiny are rarer then metallic, mystic and dark, and much rarer then normal. That applies to all pokemons as well: common, uncommon, legendary and UB
  25. No one is stoping you from going and catching variant legends. And getting eevee to 4 hearts takes hour, hour and half at max if you know what you are doing. And getting 100% variation you want for price of spending hour and 30 min training eevee is good offer by itself. So calling it scam is ....
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