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Bitcoin's trading thread

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Welcome to my trading place.


At this time I want only events. I offer fossils, unique legends and some events. I don't want exp, so please don't offer.


All forum rules apply.


You make the offer, don't ask me to make the offer, any post like "I have xyz, what do you give me" will be ignored.


These are what I have for trading:




AerodactylShiny AerodactylDark AerodactylMetallic AerodactylMystic Aerodactyl

OmanyteMetallic OmanyteMystic OmanyteShadow Omanyte

KabutoDark KabutoShadow KabutoMystic KabutoMetallic Kabuto

AnorithShiny AnorithMetallic AnorithMystic Anorith

LileepShiny LileepMystic LileepShadow LileepMetallic Lileep

CranidosShiny CranidosDark CranidosMetallic CranidosShadow CranidosMystic Cranidos

ShieldonShiny ShieldonMetallic ShieldonDark ShieldonMystic Shieldon



Unique Legends




Shiny ArceusShiny ArticunoShiny AzelfShiny CelebiShiny CobalionShiny CresseliaShiny DarkraiShiny DeoxysShiny DialgaShiny DiancieShiny Diancie (Mega)Shiny EnteiShiny GenesectShiny GroudonShiny HeatranShiny Ho-ohShiny JirachiShiny KeldeoShiny KyuremShiny LandorusShiny LatiasShiny LatiosShiny LugiaShiny MespritShiny MewShiny MewtwoShiny PalkiaShiny RaikouShiny RayquazaShiny RegiceShiny RegigigasShiny RegirockShiny RegisteelShiny ReshiramShiny ShayminShiny Shaymin (Sky)Shiny SuicuneShiny TerrakionShiny ThundurusShiny TornadusShiny UxieShiny VirizionShiny Xerneas (Active)Shiny YveltalShiny ZapdosShiny ZekromShiny Zygarde




Shadow AzelfShadow CelebiShadow CobalionShadow DarkrownShadow DeoxysShadow DialgaShadow DiancieShadow Diancie (Mega)Shadow EnteiShadow GenesectShadow GiratinaShadow GroudonShadow HeatranShadow Ho-ohShadow JirachiShadow KeldeoShadow KyuremShadow LandorusShadow LatiasShadow LugiaShadow ManaphyShadow MespritShadow MewShadow MewtwoShadow PalkiaShadow PhioneShadow RaikouShadow RegigigasShadow RegirockShadow RegisteelShadow ReshiramShadow RotomShadow ShayminShadow Shaymin (Sky)Shadow SuicuneShadow TerrakionShadow TornadusShadow UxieShadow VirizionShadow Xerneas (Active)Shadow YveltalShadow ZapdosShadow ZekromShadow Zygarde




Dark ArceusDark AzelfDark CelebiDark CobalionDark CresseliaDark DarkrownDark DeoxysDark DialgaDark DiancieDark Diancie (Mega)Dark GenesectDark GroudonDark Ho-ohDark JirachiDark KeldeoDark KyogreDark KyuremDark LandorusDark LatiasDark LugiaDark ManaphyDark MespritDark MewDark MewtwoDark MoltresDark PalkiaDark PhioneDark RaikouDark RegiceDark RegigigasDark RegirockDark RegisteelDark ReshiramDark RotomDark ShayminDark Shaymin (Sky)Dark SuicuneDark TerrakionDark ThundurusDark TornadusDark UxieDark VictiniDark VirizionDark Xerneas (Active)Dark YveltalDark ZapdosDark ZekromDark Zygarde




Mystic ArceusMystic ArticunoMystic AzelfMystic CelebiMystic CobalionMystic CresseliaMystic DeoxysMystic DialgaMystic DiancieMystic Diancie (Mega)Mystic EnteiMystic GenesectMystic GroudonMystic HeatranMystic JirachiMystic KeldeoMystic KyogreMystic KyuremMystic LandorusMystic LatiasMystic LatiosMystic LugiaMystic ManaphyMystic MespritMystic MewMystic MewtwoMystic MoltresMystic PalkiaMystic RaikouMystic RegiceMystic RegigigasMystic RegirockMystic RegisteelMystic ReshiramMystic RotomMystic ShayminMystic Shaymin (Sky)Mystic SuicuneMystic TerrakionMystic ThundurusMystic TornadusMystic VictiniMystic VirizionMystic Xerneas (Active)Mystic YveltalMystic ZapdosMystic ZekromMystic Zygarde




Metallic ArceusMetallic AzelfMetallic CelebiMetallic CobalionMetallic CresseliaMetallic DarkraiMetallic DarkrownMetallic DeoxysMetallic DialgaMetallic Diancie (Mega)Metallic EnteiMetallic GenesectMetallic GroudonMetallic HeatranMetallic Ho-ohMetallic JirachiMetallic KeldeoMetallic KyuremMetallic LandorusMetallic LatiasMetallic LatiosMetallic LugiaMetallic ManaphyMetallic MespritMetallic MewMetallic MewtwoMetallic PalkiaMetallic PhioneMetallic RaikouMetallic RegigigasMetallic RegirockMetallic RegisteelMetallic ReshiramMetallic ShayminMetallic Shaymin (Sky)Metallic SuicuneMetallic TerrakionMetallic ThundurusMetallic TornadusMetallic UxieMetallic VictiniMetallic VirizionMetallic Xerneas (Active)Metallic YveltalMetallic ZapdosMetallic ZekromMetallic Zygarde





Kyurem (Black)Shiny Kyurem (Black)Mystic Kyurem (Black)Metallic Kyurem (Black)Shadow Kyurem (Black)Dark Kyurem (Black)

Kyurem (White)Shiny Kyurem (White)Mystic Kyurem (White)Metallic Kyurem (White)Shadow Kyurem (White)Dark Kyurem (White)

Arceus (Water)Shiny Arceus (Water)Mystic Arceus (Water)Shadow Arceus (Water)Dark Arceus (Water)Metallic Arceus (Water)

Rotom (Halloween)Zygarde (Partial)Zygarde (Cell)Shiny Zygarde (Cell)Dark Zygarde (Cell)Metallic Zygarde (Cell)Mystic Zygarde (Cell)Shadow Zygarde (Cell)

Zygarde (Complete)Shiny Zygarde (Complete)Dark Zygarde (Complete)Metallic Zygarde (Complete)Mystic Zygarde (Complete)Shadow Zygarde (Complete)




Full set of vivillons (not including event vivillons (pokeball / fancy), 18 types vivillion each with shiny/dark/mystic/metallic/shadow/normal - total 108 vivillons).


Also I can add any non-event unique pokemons as needed to complete the deal.


What I want:

All events except 

- Any Kyurem forms, any Pikachu Jedi, any Zygarde Cells

- Normal Zygarde Core, Normal Partial

- Any Arceus (Water), Any Zygarde (Complete), Any Rotom (Halloween)



Rate: I don't have fixed rate, make your offers, I will accept reasonable offers. Noob offers will be ignored.




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9 hours ago, porymon said:

your mystic cranidos for unique leggies?


please read the thread again to see what I want


5 hours ago, Serapheon23 said:

How many legends for your  Dark Shieldon

read again pls, I want only events


5 hours ago, azuredragon said:

it's stated SO SO clearly he only wants events..lol 

Thanks buddy. Let me know what you want:)


2 hours ago, EagerRhino said:

Well, Metallic Vivillon (Fancy)For Shadow Cranidos

I made this offer, keeping in mind The Trades which were needed to be done for Vivillon (Fancy) And (Pokeball) And the Sidequests for cranidos @bitcoin

no thanks.

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