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New exp shop with low rates

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Hi guys now is the time to give your pokes a higher experience and im offering low prices , they are listed below:::::3:

1. 3 legends for 1mil

2. any  6 unique legends for 2 mil

3. one normal primal for 5 mil 

4. 20 unique legends or pokemons for 10 mil

5. one primal and 4 legends for 15 mil

6.3 unique primals or 1 any type arceus electric for 20 million


ill do 1 million or 2million exp a day , just offer on my account ign: Commander-rayquaza7 . 

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1 hour ago, hhh123 said:

what? i am not trading here , im making people pokemons exp higher.

ya i know..how much can u train for my mega lati@s?

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what do u mean?


On 10/17/2016 at 11:48 AM, Uncle_Psychic said:

you cannot have more than two active trade threads,and the second one must be created after the original is atleast  2 weeks  old

so which one of yours would you have deleted?

what do u mean?



my first job is training  Mystic%20Beldum.gifto 30 million exp

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