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Pokémon Vortex

Cant Switch Pokemons From Team

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That's an interesting way that your team loaded.

I know that for me when that page is loading, the backsprites of the Pokémon are shown below all the front sprites, making for 12 in total.
After a second, sometimes even less, that's gone and I can look at my team normally.

I haven't seen this before.

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I do believe that that is just a bug that is on mobiles. The same occurs to my when I try and view my team through my phone. 

This did happen while playing Vortex on your phone right?

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This is known (and will not be fixed) for mobile browsers. The mobile optimised site that is in the works will not use the same interface so it will not be an issue.

I believe this would also be a problem for very old browsers on PC. If you feel your browser isn't old let me know what you're using and I will look into it.

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