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  1. Angrybirds44444

    Giveaway Major GIVEAWAY!!!!!

    Here are the winners for the giveaway. 1. Eminem1317 2. Mt. 3. Meluash 4. 9alfy9 5. redouanegangster109 Congratulations!!!!!! Message me in game to claim your prizes!
  2. Angrybirds44444

    Giveaway Major GIVEAWAY!!!!!

    Giveaway ends in a little over an hour!
  3. Angrybirds44444

    Giveaway Major GIVEAWAY!!!!!

    Giveaway end in one week!! Don't miss out!
  4. Angrybirds44444

    Experience Trading my Pokemons for exp.

    How much exp do you want for each?
  5. Angrybirds44444

    Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    How much for beast or vortex balls
  6. Angrybirds44444

    Giveaway Major GIVEAWAY!!!!!

    Hey guys!!!! I'm holding a giveaway on youtube!!!!!! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SexlXIx6rk Great prizes so don't miss out!!!!!!
  7. Angrybirds44444

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading for Also Trading + for plz lemme know if anyone has these and if your interested, need these pokemon Thanks :))
  8. Angrybirds44444

    Answered Not getting legendries

    Did you complete all Battle facilities including battle maison? "Defeating all gym leaders, elite 4 members, champions, battle frontier brains, and battle maison members enables the ability to find legendary Pokémon on the maps." Maybe you skipped a gym by accident, did you double check to confirm that you have all badges? Maybe you haven't searched hard enough, you could find a legendary on your first step on the map, however it could even take over 1 thousand. Maybe you should search harder and make sure you have completed all battles listed above. I'm sure you'll find one sooner or later :))
  9. Angrybirds44444

    Answered Exclusive Pokemon

    Oh okay, was really confused, helps a lot, thanks :))
  10. Angrybirds44444

    Answered Exclusive Pokemon

    Does anyone know which 3 pokemon you could find once you are top 100 on seasonal rankings? Do you get promo codes or do you have to search for them on the maps? I feel like one of them is Xerneas (neutral) because at the bottom of the map it says (Username) has claimed one. So do you get them as soon as you are top 100? Kinda confused because I looked at the pokedex and it seems like there are only 137 normal ones. So how exactly do you get these exclusive pokemon? Thanks :))
  11. Angrybirds44444

    Giveaway Clan Legendary Hunterz Giveaway Series

    angrybirds44444 Legend_Yaar
  12. Angrybirds44444

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Tradingand for and Really need these Lemme know if interested :))
  13. Angrybirds44444

    Answered Seasonal Top Trainers

    Oh ok thanks guys, it helps :))
  14. Angrybirds44444

    Answered Seasonal Top Trainers

    This is still confusing me, can't find correct answers. To be on the seasonal top trainers list, could we do both clan battles AND trainer battles or is it just clan battles? Could we catch normal pokemon or do they all have to be unique? Do we get points for evolving pokemon we already had? Do we get points for buying pokemon off auction? Is there a way to see how much points we earned this month? Im really confused and need a guide. Thanks :))
  15. Angrybirds44444

    Answered Diglett (Christmas)

    Just wondering, could you still evolve your Diglett (Christmas) into Dugtrio (Christmas)?