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  1. Universal

    Trading for other donations PM ME.
  2. Giveaway

    Number : 10 (Coutinho) Thanks
  3. Universal

    for one unique dp (not shiny) and unique events. PM ME.
  4. Universal

    What? Anyways, Trading and . Looking for unique dps. Any offer is appreciated, just pm me and we can figure something out IGN : shadowzevents
  5. Universal

    Where to offer?
  6. Universal

    Topwith 2m exp for and
  7. Universal

    ( Top in vortex with 2m exp) for 2 unique dps for 3 unique dps or 2 unique meleottas + rare events. PM ME
  8. Universal

    for + ? IGN : xShadowz_7
  9. Universal

    3 hearts on and 4 on another . I can offer 5 unique legends for the hearts.
  10. Universal

    Trading and . PM ME.
  11. Giveaway

    IGN : shadowzevents Thanks
  12. Universal

    Trading for unique DPs, please pm me offers here or on shadowzevents
  13. Universal

    Trading for unique dps, not shiny. (DP code/ Aria preferred). PM ME
  14. Universal

    Trading this beauty for a unique dp, not shiny. (DP code/ Aria preferred). Also trading this bad boy for unique dps, not shiny. (DP code/ Aria preferred). PM ME
  15. Universal