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  1. fodnbilal

    General No more boring training :p

    i play the same song
  2. fodnbilal

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

    Mewtwo (Zombie Armor) Mewtwo (Techo) Mewtwo (Recreated) Mewtwo (Force) Mewtwo (Chaotic) Mewtwo (Steel) Mewtwo (Defense) Mewtwo (Upgraded) All that i could think of
  3. fodnbilal

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

    Mewtwo (Defense)
  4. Metallic Arceus (Unknown):GWlulurdMmmYea:

    1. Unknown2222


      Gotta say Fodn, that could be an idea for memes to be involved, also 8m still alive and kicking for our clan

    2. omg414


      yeh you were a lucky kid lol who won the Unknown 

    3. fodnbilal


      no i'm just Mysteriously Alone :-_-:

  5. fodnbilal

    Giveaway Giveaway

    IGN: fodn 1.77 2.magikarp 3.Meeting jobless wanna be kids like sneezeball and his alt fabyo.
  6. fodnbilal

    Giveaway Guess the numbers

    987 Note: I don't want the prize just doing it for fun.
  7. fodnbilal

    News 10 Years of Pokémon Vortex

    munchlax is a psycho.The nicknaming thing didn't last for long because munchlax threatened arceus, munclax hates arceus Munchlax: Remove all your nicknames you filthy arceus or i'm gonna steal your lottery tickets food Arceus: sir please don't do that,i didn't know that.... Munchlax: Oh,shut up you've been told not to do that countless times. And like that i could not nickname anything
  8. fodnbilal

    News 10 Years of Pokémon Vortex

    Sorry but i don't understand big guy.
  9. fodnbilal

    News 10 Years of Pokémon Vortex

    As you wish...
  10. Are you looking for Arceus (Water) Promo-codes?Are you looking for avatars? Are you looking for mega stones?Are you looking for beast balls?Are you looking for exp boosts and Snorlaxites and Arbokites?Are you looking for Fossils?

    Well they are all available in my auctions!!! GO AND BUY THEM RIGHT AWAY!!


    1. Unknown2222


      Lol, thanks for the information Fodn, I do hope to get what I need from all of this. ^_^

    2. fodnbilal
  11. fodnbilal

    News 10 Years of Pokémon Vortex

    How many pokes did i nickname?


    My life is made :x

  13. fodnbilal

    General Poke-joke

    @Darshil_Irex please do not double post in the topics,if you want to add something in your reply and no one has replied after you,then consider editing your first post rather then posting multiple replies,it creates a mess in here.