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  1. fodnbilal

    Answered Need some money, money, money

    just buy mystery boxes from the store and open them i'll suggest u to buy 250 mystery boxes those will give you like 20million+ money if estimated.its the easiest way to earn pokedollars
  2. fodnbilal

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    i still say it
  3. fodnbilal

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    IGN: fodn losing giveaways, losing in seasonal tops again and again AND BEING CALLED "NOOB" BY PEOPLE WHO BEG FOR FREEBIES OR THOSE WHOM I BLOCK! Thanks for the Giveaway nub and 0% congrats with 3 years in Vortex champ. (Entering even when i know that i'll lose cause my luck stinks!!)
  4. fodnbilal

    Both Block people on Pokebay

    error 404 in that link also you can search the users auction in the search textbox in auctions Mr.Ken. also @chris it is an awesome and helpful idea also @Patrick it would be awesome if the same kind of thing could be applied to trades maybe in which we can block our trades for some people who continuously offer useless/unwanted pokemon in our trades!
  5. fodnbilal

    Answered This Guy Might be Botting

    HyperSnailGaming's Profile Stats 937 wins and 0 losses130 of 6,228 unique Pokémon7,795,623 total experience59,966 average experience53,343.0 points Ranked 7,984th in the world Ranked 24th in Belgium3 of 1,871 sidequests completed28,763,625 in the bank Never placed in a season Social Member account Registered on February 17, 2019 Last logged in February 26, 2019 Currently viewing HyperSnailGaming's profileMember of XARCADIAX [ARC] Followed by 2 players Following 0 players
  6. fodnbilal

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    lol no u don't get the same result every time.i reset the results 10times and obliv's name came 2 times others got 1 so i chose that list ofc.
  7. fodnbilal

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    the one on 1 is the winner ofc.
  8. fodnbilal

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    those are the results well!!idk how to send screenshot,lel,so just copy pasted it.the above are NOT the way i had listed the names those are the rankings given by the randomizer. @Oblivi0n is the winner.the giratina is uft on IGN: fodn,offer ur worst poke on it. Thanks to all who participated. if you are NOT on the list the randomizer had given then i had neglected you personally,really don't know why you even tried entering when you were in my block list,lol.
  9. fodnbilal

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    https://www.random.org/lists/ the site i used for randomizing. True Random Number Service Do you own an iOS or Android device? Check out our app! List Randomizer There were 34 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Oblivi0n Shinychamp pinda32 Maxie-Magma lunaloo123 winingggg ravneet omg414 Arcanon007 TheBedPotato auke1993 Shinyhoopa ShadowConspiracy minson zapdos2388 charizardawesome4 axe45 eurstin b1b waybig juststartagain Haku_Kale Sneezeuniques diazepam csaipraneeth Harris07 superkool PrathameshMI3 VEER1234 yogesh_federer alexie_jr vitol XenonGx tested
  10. fodnbilal

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

  11. i had given an XP job to IGN juddas just got to know that he got banned today!the poke was a Shiny Leafeonbut my OT and caught in :VortexBall:so i really want it back!any way to get it?

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    3. Harris07


      I never train myself as I don't have the time. Me and Juddas were also talking about a job and I watched him train and it seemed at a normal rate when on mobile. I actually believe he trained legit for most of the time and he then tried cheating when he got loads of jobs and too many things to train. He was telling me how he had 3 10m jobs and 1 5m jobs and then wanted to do my 25m job too but had to finish the others first. I feel the pressure got to him and he tried cheating. Shame what happened to you guys @hogmortar and @fodnbilal. Thankfully (for me) he got banned before I gave him my job where I was going to give him both my unique furfrou hearts to get trained. Still not going to train myself but I''m gonna stick to trusted trainers now.

    4. fodnbilal


      @Harris07 u might be correct as juddas would have probably started cheating when he was stuck in a lot of jobs and extreme pressure!

  12. OKAY SO HERE IS A GIVEAWAY FOR MY 2 YEARS IN VORTEX (The Giveaway is Starting 1 day before My real 2 years in Vortex,lol) THE RULES WILL BE SIMPLE 1.No Double Entries 2. Some People are NOT allowed to take part (I won't take any names i'll neglect you personally) 3. Besides these all global forum rules applied! How To Enter Simply Post your IGN Prize The Giveaway ends Whenever I feel like it,Not more than a week i guess Enjoy!!
  13. when i(everyone) try to reply anyone on PM in the chatbar it gives There was an error sending your message. Try again later. Plz fix this,i've tried different browsers as well but no use and its happening with everyone.
  14. fodnbilal

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN: fodn tbh i have 0 normal cosmog or evo atm i do have uniques tho (just wanna win to giveaway the cosmog i get[if i get it,lel] )