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  1. fodnbilal

    General Who is your favorite Pokemon?

    / @Diazepam
  2. fodnbilal

    Genesect Genesis v2


    Lowest price sold: $12,500 (each) Want to buy this? Check out auction #1722999 by PokeBay. Current price: $25,000 (2 @ $12,500 each) they were sold for 12,500 which is very low. Also events ARE supposed to be hard,if you don't like an event then don't attend it and this event is very easy anyways so there is no point of complaining about it,also it is probably better than map events because it ain't based on luck. If you wan to buy the drive for low,you have to snip it which requires your own standard effort. If you don't have time to snip it then you can bid as much as you want to which again requires your own fixed effort. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. fodnbilal

    Unanswered Problem

    can u send a screenshot of the full screen? it might help a bit.
  4. fodnbilal

    Genesect Genesis v2


    ok so lets p2w
  5. fodnbilal

    Both bb and vb

    People can always try to complete sidequests to get beast balls,auctions and mystery boxes aren't the only way to obtain them.
  6. fodnbilal

    Idea New Ideas!

    Honestly i don't think that 30 minutes or 1 day even matters,the idea for daily login is a lot better and creative tho.
  7. fodnbilal

    Idea Adding a favorite filter

    it doesn't really have a lot to do with viewing all your pokemon,i said there should be an option there or/and in "your team" so we can mark our pokemon as favorite also at if you have a lot of pokemon in your account,it takes a lot of time to load them,with a favorite filter you can see your fav pokes easily(iv'e tried it when you search a poke in an account with a lot of pokes,it lags a lot even though if you choose a certain category/filter it doesn't)
  8. fodnbilal

    Universal new xp and events trade shop

    thats good with me,offered a to be trained,also if u want to contact me about anything feel free to PM me in here.
  9. fodnbilal

    Universal new xp and events trade shop

    on my poke,also can u tell me how much time that will take?
  10. fodnbilal

    Universal new xp and events trade shop

    for 2.5m exp training?
  11. So i was just viewing all my pokes when this idea struck me,there should be something like a "add to favorites" option so that while changing our team or viewing pokemon we can access our favorite pokes easily.
  12. fodnbilal

    Unanswered can you gift mystery boxes to someone else?

    tell ur friend to write your username in "Vortex Username" the promo-code will be transferred to your account also there is no promo-code for 1 mystery box,the lowest one available is for 12 mystery boxes,Hope this was helpful!
  13. fodnbilal

    Genesect Genesis v2


    Pls No more hunting events ☹
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      Np better luck in September!

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      The points are the worst, WORST.

  15. fodnbilal

    Genesect Genesis v2


    this one looks a long event,something like