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  1. CocaPT


    21 CocaPT thanks i guess
  2. CocaPT

    Giveaway Savage giveaway

    I got the trash, izi read! my ign is Cocapt Thanks @TheLonelySavage
  3. CocaPT


    46 CocaPT thanks i guess
  4. CocaPT

    Giveaway Savage giveaway

    Number 46 (cus Rossi) Dark Type are lit thanks i guess
  5. CocaPT

    Both Daily log in reward

    If you turn the free login rewards in daily missions, that might work and be funny. Maybe not daily, more like weekly. But again, the multi account will always be a problem, unless the prize is not that great at all, like market items or money
  6. 18 for me, thanks mate
  7. CocaPT

    Universal Training/Trading

    Everyone has their rates In my opinion the 1st 50.000xp are not worth much because it's quite easy to level up with trainning accounts. But maybe I would give 1 unique for each 50k exp. And 2/3 uniques for a legend And 2/3 legends for 1 unique legend So, 1 unique per 50k 1 legend per 100k/150k 1 unique legend per 300k/450k Something like this But hey, this is my opinion based in the rates I usually use
  8. CocaPT

    Answered Some Help

    When was the last time you were able to logged in? Because someone logged in recently. You should try to go to the discord server and talk to Patrick there or something.
  9. CocaPT

    Feedback Discord Chat

    I'm not complaining about any behavior against myself. I think it might help, but what do I know, at least people should do something about racism, some jokes seem to much sometimes
  10. CocaPT

    Universal Training/Trading

    You should be the one to settle the prices. And becareful, I assume you are battling manually, but just to warn, using third parties programs will get you banned.
  11. Hey, I know this is probably the best place to say this, but the Discord is quite "wild", for some reason people offend each other and no mods are ever seen. You probably should elect mods on discord that you actually trust, and people who are there often. This would make the Discord Chat way better. Thanks for your time.
  12. Not sure if there is already a topic for it, but if not here I go. Btw I will update the topic if needed Chris » Rock(x4) »I Used» Dark Tyranitar (Mega) »Move» Stone Edge (1hit-ko) » Fight(x4) »I Used» Shiny Blaziken (Mega) »Move» High Jump Kick (1hit-ko) » Dark(x2)/Ground(x2)/Psychic(x2)/Ghost(x2) »I Used» Dark Tyranitar (Mega) »Move» Crunch (1hit-ko) » Fairy(x2)/Ice(x2)/Poison(x2)/Steel(x2) »I Used» Shiny Mawile (Mega) »Move» Play Rough (x2) » Fight(x4)/Steel(x4) »I Used» Shiny Blaziken (Mega) »Move» High Jump Kick (1hit-ko) » Water(x4) »I Used» Swampert (Mega) »Move» Surf (1hit-ko) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patrick » Fight(x2) »I Used» Shiny Blaziken (Mega) »Move» High Jump Kick (x2) » Fairy(x2) »I Used» Shiny Mawile (Mega) »Move» Play Rough (x2) » Ice(x4) »I Used» Swampert (Mega) »Move» Ice Punch (x2) » Water(x2)/Ground(x2)/Rock(x2) »I Used» Swampert (Mega) »Move» Surf (x2) » Fairy(x2) »I Used» Shiny Mawile (Mega) »Move» Play Rough (x2) » Poison(x2)/Steel(x2) »I Used» Shiny Mawile (Mega) »Move» Iron Head (x2) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rob » Electric(x2)/Grass(x2) »I Used» Mystic Electivire»Move» Thunderbolt (x2) » Fight(x2) »I Used» Shiny Blaziken (Mega) »Move» High Jump Kick (1hit-ko) » Electric(x2)/Grass(x2) »I Used» Mystic Electivire»Move» Thunderbolt (x2) » Fire(x2)/Ice(x2)/Ground(x2)/Flying(x2) »I Used» Shiny Blaziken (Mega) »Move» Flare Blitz (1hit-ko) » Fight(x2)/Bug(x2)/Fairy(x2) »I Used» Shiny Mawile (Mega) »Move» Play Rough (x2) » Electric(x2)/Ground(x2)/Rock(x2) »I Use» Shadow Groudon (Primal) »Move» Precipice Blades (1hit-ko) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You dont have to use the pokemons I used. It's a suggestion. Sometimes I got lucky because they made the worst attack possible, but try out and it will easy for everyone! Hope I helped you guys out!
  13. ign: Cocapt 0 Cosmogs here
  14. CocaPT

    Idea Offering money for Pokemons

    Ok then, but it was at the old Pokemon Crater at least. It would give a meaning to money ingame and make sure that the Richest Top was worth something
  15. "What can Shadow type Pokémon do? They are immune to status effects." Well... They aren't...