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  1. TheLonelySavage

    Scammer lokithehacker

    If you have proof maybe @Patrick will ban all those users and give yourback @Vibsrox
  2. TheLonelySavage

    Answered Top Pokemon List

    I dont understand its going to be hard no matter what
  3. Rip i wanted anything but this lol
  4. IGN Pigniteboy im already subbed
  5. TheLonelySavage

    Legendaries Savage Trades (UPDATED ON 7.9.17)

    it is
  6. TheLonelySavage

    Legendaries Savage Trades (UPDATED ON 7.9.17)

    1) No thanks 2) 3) 4)Mystic Yvertal 5) No thanks
  7. TheLonelySavage

    Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    How about instead of shiny water your kyurem forms and christmas pokemon?
  8. IGN Pigniteboy Subscribed liked and commented Im RISE Evolutions @hhh123
  9. TheLonelySavage

    Universal Events Trading

    haha no keep dreaming nty
  10. TheLonelySavage

    Universal Trading leggies by: fodn

    ill take all those 4 my arceus
  11. TheLonelySavage

    Universal Events Trading

    nty Sorry i dont im looking for all those for my dp
  12. TheLonelySavage

    Universal Events Trading

  13. TheLonelySavage

    Universal Events Trading

    No thanks I can offer 1 legend
  14. TheLonelySavage

    Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    I've got a for your and any unique vader