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  1. hey, u offered on a corsola not the omanyte
  2. It's up, Auction ID: #0003227276
  3. 1.5 mill Dark Omastar was traded but I can trade u Metallic Omanyte for 2.5mill
  4. sorry I traded it a few hours ago
  5. 5 mill PD Rampardos is 1 mill, Tirtouga is 1 mill, Aurorus is 5 mill
  6. Most of the normies, and I listed a bunch of prices up above ^
  7. sorry man 3.5 m is the set price. Dark Omayte is 3 mill, Dark Omastar is 2.5 mill Shiny Omastar is 6 mill, Shiny Kabuto is 5 mill Sorry just wanting PD 3.5 mill for Metallic Aerodactyl Mega, 3 mill for Metallic Omanyte, 3 mill for Metallic Kabutops Kabutops is 1 mill, Omanyte is 900k, Shiny Kabuto is 5 mill, Archen is 1.5 mill, Shiny Omanyte is 6 mill
  8. Hey everyone! I currently have some fossils I am looking to trade. My main priority is PD at the moment so please post your offers down below or reach out to me on discord: @espoor#5482 The Fossils are as listed: My IGN is Revitalize. - This has been a Walmart Ad.
  9. Let's go man! Congrats!! Here's to many more shuckles
  10. It is up for trade, i will pay you 120k for it after u finish
  11. Hi could u train my to 250k exp? ign espoor
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