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  1. bro it is general so i think he can ask idk
  2. hmmmmmmmm. increased the prize to 15 million pds and now event will end on 24 december
  3. ign-4567ash showdown ign- 4567ash screenshot-https://prnt.sc/vtb6dt
  4. no no i meant events will be super easy if that happens
  5. it will be most battle in that season
  6. hmm...... hallo it's me again idk i am allowed to make a topic about this or not well first big clan event prize = 12 million pds clan :- The Infernals join and do clan battles this event will end on last day of december the player with most clan battle on that day wins some nice clan members @Lillyzard @iweimax0524 @Bmth08 jacks_month pliis and many more did i forget anything anyway
  7. hallo bro shiny attack worth 70 million 

    sorry my bad i told 30-40

  8. i also have a dark zeraora premium pokemon so why no one hacked me
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