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  1. accept the friend request
  2. what you want? my ign-4567ash
  3. i am interested in tell me what you want my ign-4567ash i can offer pds also
  4. Ign-4567ash Thanks For the giveaway
  5. bro u give good offer who would trade a necro for legendary
  6. Ign-4567ash Thanks For The Giveaway
  7. i want alll this how much it will be? message me ign4567ash
  8. when you catch a mewtwo there is a chance that it will drop a avatar or you can buy from pokebay auctions
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  10. Selling a looking for pds only
  11. no one will trade shiny greninja worth 1million shiny defense worth more then 65 million and charizard mega x worth around 150,000
  12. you are very very late every promo i had expired
  13. 4567ash thanks for the giveaway
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