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  1. That1Dragonarian

    Answered Need some money, money, money

    Awesome! I got like 50,000 pokedollars from training a lvl 16 dark aron (which is now an aggron and on my team)
  2. That1Dragonarian

    Answered Need some money, money, money

    Also, does xp farming for already lvl 100 immunity pokes make the same or less bucks?
  3. That1Dragonarian

    Answered Need some money, money, money

    Thanks, bro. <3 P.S There's Flying too! lol
  4. That1Dragonarian

    Answered Need some money, money, money

    Moi guys, Is there a way to get money in a flash or do i just have to use the training accounts? ~The Dragon Master, Dragonarian.
  5. That1Dragonarian

    Experience Offer over

    oh ok
  6. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Trade

    Moi guys, So I have a pretty poor Pokedex. While I don't have dupes, we can still trade. View my pokemon list and tell me what you want and what you'll offer. IGN: That1Dragonarian
  7. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Trading Special Form Pokemon!

    oh lol i was such a n00b back then
  8. That1Dragonarian

    General Account

  9. That1Dragonarian

    General Yanma Chat Hub

    i was GOING to say that...




  11. That1Dragonarian

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

  12. That1Dragonarian

    Contest Kittykats Gift That Keeps On Giving #1

    wuts the next 1
  13. That1Dragonarian

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    DARN IT can't offer mystic azelf it's my only unique legendary (my other legend being reg darkrown)
  14. That1Dragonarian

    Experience Offer over

    Harris07~ You said you're looking for training accounts? Well, go to for the list of EXP trainers.
  15. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Actually my pokedex is small so whatever