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  1. That1Dragonarian

    News 10 Years of Pokémon Vortex

    3 cheers for how long this game has run for!
  2. That1Dragonarian


    Trade your regular darkrown for my regular darkrown? XD
  3. That1Dragonarian

    Universal What Wonder Trades Have You Gotten?

    I've gotten an Unown. Because it shut down before I got here.
  4. That1Dragonarian

    General Post the last Pokémon you caught

    Legendaries are rarer, to be fair. You'll have to look around more if you know what I mean.
  5. That1Dragonarian

    General Post the last Pokémon you caught

    Azelf, although more recently I traded and got a Zygarde
  6. That1Dragonarian

    Uniques Trading Uniques Pokes (Updated July 02)

    IGN: That1Dragonarian Tell me if you want anything. My dex isn't that good, though.
  7. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Have shiny lv 100 spiritomb and lv 100 noivern offers?

    Or you could just use a training account to xp farm to lvl 100.
  8. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Trade

    what pokes
  9. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Trade

    Welp this thread is ded af
  10. That1Dragonarian

    Answered Quick Question...

    Hey guys, is it possible to trade items? I want an Altarianite for my Altaria, and I also want two Aggronites, but I don't have enough money for buying it on Pokebay, but I'd trade Zygarde and maybe another Pokemon.
  11. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Welp, actually I can't right now, it's nighttime. =(
  12. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Okay, I guess I'll Pikachu hunt! Hopefully, Turtonator isn't that low of a level so I can xp farm it to level 100 =)
  13. That1Dragonarian

    Giveaway Normal legendary giveaway

    Hi, if you have another random legendary to give away, IGN: That1Dragonarian
  14. That1Dragonarian

    Answered Advanced Member Nickname Thing

    Yeah, I can't really think of a title. So, do you immediately get to change your nickname thing from "Advanced Member" to your own custom thing right when you become an Advanced Member? If so, how do you change the nickname?
  15. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Hi yall. Yep, I'm finally back in the Vortex community. Anyways, I'm looking for a Rayquaza, any kind, look through all my Pokemon, ask for any Pokemon but Swampert. Also, let me know if you want any of my Pokemon and send me an offer! IGN: That1Dragonarian