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  1. IGN: That1Dragonarian I hope I don't get Lugia, I already have Shadow Lugia
  2. Since dark mode is banned, if I want to have a darker screen, I usually turn the brightness down. ...this probably didn't help anyone at all.
  3. Also, any tips for shiny hunting? Currently hunting +for a friend and I've spent quite a while on Mudkip. (to the point of now having ...)
  4. Someone else is already giving me an Incineroar, but I can arrange for Luxio and Arcanine. Message me! IGN: That1Dragonarian
  5. How do you have a shadow shiny? Can't a Pokemon only be one variant?
  6. I have a question about bounty hunting, I just friend requested you. My timezone is US-Western tho so it'll probably be a while before you see it.
  7. You could also make a random item from list generator at random.org and enter everyone who participated. IGN: That1Dragonarian
  8. Me too, I actually caught regular Giratina yesterday XD
  9. PV IGN: That1Dragonarian PS IGN: cosmichurricanelol Status: Finished making a team!
  10. IGN: That1Dragonarian I used to have a Darkrown but I traded it away XD Also, it's too bad that you're releasing whatever the winner gives you, because I currently have THREE MYSTIC MUDKIPS. Yup. The joys of shiny hunting...
  11. Ah, it seems that that is an automatic function.
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