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  1. do we have to offer something good for a legendary?
  2. IGN: That1Dragonarian ty for the giveaway ^^
  3. IGN: That1Dragonarian if I win I hope it's Kartana I found it in the wild once but didn't have any Beast/Vortex Balls
  4. i had to follow you after that thing in the giveaway lol

  5. I'm pretty sure that it's under View/Edit your Profile.
  6. I've seen like 3 giveaways that ask for followers so maybe?
  7. Do you have proof to show us? Since it seems like Dades doesn't believe you. (I am also sorry for your loss @dades, I hope that you can somehow get it back and give it to the real winner or something :/)
  8. h u r r i c a n e (my current username online is CosmicHurricane) please check giveaway forum posts daily stop missing out on these (help I'm addicted to Flight Rising)
  9. IGN: That1Dragonarian (I better not get a n o t h e r Mudkip XD) (Also, how does it end on June 1st when it starts on June 26th? Did you mean July?)
  10. flight rising please. I have now missed two giveaways with pokemon that I want. i'm too addicted to the dragon collecting game. >< (congrats to the winners and sorry on your loss tho)
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