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  1. That1Dragonarian

    Uniques My dex

    No problem! If you are willing to trade a shiny I want, see the forum page I made, called "Trading Special Form Pokemon!".
  2. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Trading Special Form Pokemon!

    yessssss ty
  3. That1Dragonarian

    Universal Trading Special Form Pokemon!

    Hello, fellow wannabe Dragon Masters, or any kind of Pokemon Trainer for that matter! Now, I get it. I have a limited amount of Special Pokemon, and I can't even find legendaries yet... But I do still have a few Pokemon in Special Forms (like Metallic or Shiny) that I can trade! Okay, let's get started with the list... Dark Aron Dark Skrelp Dark Unown (H) (It's lvl 51, so if I give you it, you have to give me something around that level) Metallic Clauncher Metallic Crabrawler Metallic Maractus Metallic Natu Metallic Swablu Metallic Vanilli Mystic Durant Mystic Poliwag Mystic Trubbish Shadow Gothita Shadow Spearow Shiny Red Stripe Basculin Shiny Bruxish Shiny Hoothoot Shiny Magby Shiny Pineco Shiny Stunfisk Shiny Turtonator I also have regular Pokemon, obviously. I have Aron, Dewgong, Druddigon, Litwick, Lycanroc (Midnight), Noibat, Oricorio (Sensu), Seel, Shuckle, Spinarak, Swampert (I'm not trading my starter), Tauros, Trubbish, and Unown (S). Some of my favorite Shiny Pokemon (some I doubt you'll give me) are Mew, Giratina, Ponyta/Rapidash, Azumarill, Growlithe/Arcanine, Suicune, Charizard, and Manectric/Mega Manectric. Lettuce begin! (lol)
  4. That1Dragonarian

    Uniques My dex

    I know I have Shiny Snorunt, and I also have Dark Teddiursa. Trade those for Shiny Manectric? If not, Shiny Electrike? If you are willing to trade Shiny Manectric, plz make sure it's around Lvl 55 so my team isn't OP and so that I can still have it on my team without it being underleveled.
  5. That1Dragonarian

    Universal just talk to me that I have these pokemons for trade

    Inv me to trade my Shiny Turtonator for your Shiny Charizard.