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  1. hi today i will be doing a big giveaway to enter type your ign below the poke i will be giving a away are shiny mew, dark mewtwo, Deoxys (Speed), Shadow Rayquaza, Shadow Groudon and Dark Charmander giveaway ends on july 28!!
  2. yo anybody from toronto canada message me @kyogreisthebeast :)

  3. hi does anyone have mystery boxes if so message me in game @kyogreisthebeast thx :)

  4. what is the most pkd or best trade offer for a shiny victini with 2.588.044 exp?

    1. dades


      using the 1:4 exp rate and average s victini prices, its 11million

  5. can anyone train 10-5m exp for me?

  6. exp trainer needed offering Ampharosite x1 Arbokite x1 Beedrillite x1 Glalitite x1 Gyaradosite x3 Latiosite x1 Metagrossite x1 Mewtwonite X x2 Mewtwonite Y x1 Pidgeotite x1 Pinsirite x1 and Slowbronite x1 plz message me if interested :)

  7. lets gooooooooo bucks win it ign:kyogreisthebeast
  8. what happened to the shiny celebi on top poke its gone? 

    1. HyperPanther


      OzareSpring? I dont know

    2. Captaincam1


      Its in someones trade box

    3. mynamedurkslurp
  9. everyone tell me your fav rappers for me its lil tjay

    1. silverstar2202


      50 cent / eminem

  10. if you can friend me at kyogreisthebeast we can talk :)

  11. hi i neem someone to train for me in return i will give them a 1m exp dark Rampardos

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    2. mynamedurkslurp


      I want someone to train my shiny charmander. How much exp can you train for me dinosaurx?

    3. Hardieboi


      That meant your old account only @Aye-o-a-Sylveon

    4. Dinosaurx


      Umm How much do you want i can take it to 300,000 exp is it ok ???

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