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  1. Number #15, Burger King Foot Lettuce. The last thing you want in your Burger King burger is somebody's foot fungus, but as it turns out, it might be what you get.......

    Also schools back in for me and I'm back in session of Pokemon Vortex for now, until I'm able to juggle both these things and make a balance with the two.

     001 <---- That's foot lettuce in your Burger King burger. 

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    2. Zerrafell


      Say no real world animals existed, what are the limits you have on the Pokemon you eat?

    3. Unknown2222


      @Zerrafell Well if no real world animals existed, then my chances are eating normal, regular food. It would depend on what does exist in the world of pokemon that is actual food. 

    4. Zerrafell


      What would you define as "normal food?"

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