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  1. well done,you have reached -123


    1. red_wolf_


      when you going to get to -1million

    2. cursed_charmander12
    3. iweimax0524


      that will be INSANE

  2. hi :3

    1. tazzer


      Hi bro sorry i just saw your message sorry for the late response

  3. alright,

    who wants a shiny flygon

    tell me your offers,don't mind any

  4. 1)the highest price i found for normal necrozma is 2,500,000 ,mew can only sell for 500,000 2)necrozma is a ultra beast,mew is a legendary,a legendary is more common then a ultra beast while ultra beasts have a very small chance of spawning 3)necrozma is not a legendary it is ultra beast,i have only found 1 necrozma so that proofs that necrozma is worth more, if you are planning to sell/trade an ultra beast,at least message the person before trading it i don't know if i said this before but ultra beasts can sell for a lot and you can get some good pokemon from trading ultra
  5. i will take your entire stock

    Ravelry: Mini Crewmate Amigurumi pattern by Astra Meira

    1. candy_fudgekin


      "oh hi yammy" "hi" "d- dont get so CLOSE TO ME"

  6. just what??

    R.I.P mini crewmate... | Among Us - YouTube

    1. candy_fudgekin


      uuuhh.... uhhhh.......... POTATO!

  7. ign:cursed_charmander12 rlly want to win
  8. i have -lvl 72 -lvl 100(named vanilla dragon) also nft(not for trade) also if you want i could give a -lvl 68
  9. 4k8j81.pnglook at it

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    2. red_wolf_


      looks even better

    3. cursed_charmander12


      what about this?

      Pin on Among Us

    4. candy_fudgekin


      the feets are cute. and red is also cute.


      but yellow is still sus


  10. BEST ROBLOX GAME – FIELD TRIP Z + GUIDE – KrisondiPurple guy dancing the man behind the slaughter - YouTube in 2020 | Purple  guy, Fnaf, Guy dancing

    wow,who never knew they looked the same

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