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  1. IGN: Pokechampionpikachu Favourite food: Burger Clan: TEAM UMBREON 2.0
  2. OMG.......pray that Patrick will ban him......
  3. Is there any proof of the people spamming u? If u have, please put some screenshots so that the moderators will know about it and will take some actions.
  4. So.....Lonely99 is trying to frame Bale2001 that Bale2001 is the scammer. Right?
  5. .......But congratulations to the winners of the giveaway. Hope that the winners are happy with the prizes they got.
  6. Congrats to the winners although I did not participate in it.
  7. IGN Pokechampionpikachu. I think the giveaway prizes are really very nice. Thanks for making this giveaway.
  8. IGN Pokechampionpikachu. The prizes are very good, hope to get one of them.
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