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  1. Ign: JaydenS If you want to create for a comedy vortex try to sell you all pokemon for 25k pdr then so funny and the title is how to get 25k pdr for fast
  2. Ign: jaydenS The 2nd prize is my dream
  3. Ohh so u find one, wait i will find my Care
  4. What's on your mind?

    1. Pokechampionpikachu


      Umm.... For now, nothing 

  5. IGN JaydenS You will break the rules if you ask for follow but, Done i Follow you I hope i win the 2nd prize THANK U FOR THAT AMAZING GIVE AWAY...
  6. This is my first Time won a Give away thank u so much @shoomania You are so very Kind i Claim now the prize Cosmog Yey
  7. So this is a topic so i need to participate I vote for Nuetral.
  8. The best way to explain that topic is i dont have any lucky or luck sucks If u are patient and you have a super harder playing harder and harder U will get ur prize that is the best and very best pokemon prize so u dont need a luck to get that shiny pokemon u need is to playing harder and higher power . If u dont understand this reply u are not a f⁰⁰l congrats Btw i forget to sa The End.
  9. Ign: JaydenS Thanks for the Give away dude
  10. Social Distancing Tips:

    Plz to all players in route 12 guys Observe Social Distancing dont be so close in others, just put 6 feet distance between your self in other players


    12 Days Quarantine Tip:

    And if you have a sick or i mean a shiny hoopa just rest in 12 days dont explore or walk keep on dashboard or i mean in your house for 12 days


    Keep safe in event-19


    1. JaydenS


      I forget how to delete this 🥺 sarry

    2. RITHVIK7585



    3. RITHVIK7585


      OR CHANGE THE TOPIC OK 😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁

  11. Wow a Cosmog promocode so nice I hope i win Ign Jaydens
  12. Are u sure about that How about Shiny Delphox 125K Pds ?
  13. The Id clan Forums Link are still broken so u cannot add pic in your own clan, Soon Admin or stuff will fix that problem...
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