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  1. I dont care what level the charmander is at all it can be lvl 1 for all i care. and until i get an offer i will continue to level up these pokemon especially the lvl 9 Shiny Honchkrow. Please trade.
  2. no those are rarer then a shiny charmander
  3. but i have 9 shiny pokemon that i am leveling to 100 including a shiny Gyarados (rare) and once they are at level 100 i will trade up to 4 of them for 1 shiny charmander of any level even if it lvl1 which prob dont exist.
  4. i lost my username for discord cuz i aint usit since 2017
  5. mkay how do u find the 100-200k 25-200k and the 1-1.5m thing for a pokemon?
  6. Im Looking For a Shiny Charmander but a Charmander is already rare let alone a Shiny Charmander. I am willing to offer a lvl100 Xerneas (Active),and/or lvl100 Ditto. The and/or depends on the lvl of the Shiny Charmander.
  7. I am wondering if anyone knows a way i can get the individual map tile images so that I can make a pokemon vortex map. for example a full image of route 1 with every thing on it?
  8. i know i saw another post after i posted the topic before i changed it. Thx tho.
  9. if i caught a shiny charmander and evolved it to a charizard would it still be shiny? what if I used mega stone?
  10. okay i made a mistake i didnt realize my brother had had about a million tabs open on a seperate window. its good now.
  11. Will someone plz give me 1 Sablenite Promo Code plz.
  12. I made a mistake its good now.
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