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  1. I Am Your Father

    Ugh it's still may 4th here but in game it's 5th
  2. Giveaway Haxor69's Giveaway.

    Ign: VortxBro, thx for the giveaway!
  3. Mobile Pokemon Vortex Clash Royale Clan

    How can I join?
  4. Universal Community Auction Thread

    Mystic Pikachu (Libre) not (belle) @GodsWithin thx
  5. Events Auction House of Mystic Volcanion

    Any minimum bids for the pokemon? Ign: VortxBro eh, Auction 2/4
  6. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading SHINY Cosmog Looking for any cosplay apart from Christmas or jedi
  7. Universal Community Auction Thread

    It's a shiny, I believe the pic is glitched or the shiny and normal way too similar
  8. Universal Community Auction Thread

    IGN:VortxBro Pokemon that you are auctioning: Suggested minimum bid: Shiny Pikachu (Rock Star) or Mystic Pikachu (Libre) Time Limit: 5 days
  9. Universal Community Trading Thread

    + for it?
  10. Universal Community Trading Thread

    I meant apart from santa and jedi
  11. Universal Community Trading Thread

    UFTLooking for any unique cosplay
  12. Universal Community Trading Thread

    UFTw/3mill exp Looking for ,,,or
  13. Giveaway Loki's 2nd Giveaway

    Oh, congrats to the winner(s)!