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  1. VortxBro

    I Am Your Father

    Ugh it's still may 4th here but in game it's 5th
  2. VortxBro

    Giveaway Haxor69's Giveaway.

    Ign: VortxBro, thx for the giveaway!
  3. VortxBro

    Universal Community Auction Thread

    Mystic Pikachu (Libre) not (belle) @GodsWithin thx
  4. VortxBro

    Events Auction House of Mystic Volcanion

    Any minimum bids for the pokemon? Ign: VortxBro eh, Auction 2/4
  5. VortxBro

    Community Trading Thread

    Trading SHINY Cosmog Looking for any cosplay apart from Christmas or jedi
  6. VortxBro

    Universal Community Auction Thread

    It's a shiny, I believe the pic is glitched or the shiny and normal way too similar
  7. VortxBro

    Universal Community Auction Thread

    IGN:VortxBro Pokemon that you are auctioning: Suggested minimum bid: Shiny Pikachu (Rock Star) or Mystic Pikachu (Libre) Time Limit: 5 days
  8. VortxBro

    Community Trading Thread

    + for it?
  9. VortxBro

    Community Trading Thread

    I meant apart from santa and jedi
  10. VortxBro

    Community Trading Thread

    UFTLooking for any unique cosplay
  11. VortxBro

    Community Trading Thread

    UFTw/3mill exp Looking for ,,,or
  12. VortxBro

    Giveaway Loki's 2nd Giveaway

    Oh, congrats to the winner(s)!
  13. VortxBro

    Giveaway Snow78 1st Giveaway

    VortxBro Zlatan Ibrahimovic Baseball
  14. VortxBro

    Giveaway Loki's 2nd Giveaway

    IGN: VortxBro Pun: Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It's very time consuming. Marvel Movie: Star Trek Beyond