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  1. HadiTariq

    General Fav. Pokemon and Ball

    Favourite Pokemon - Favourite ball- Dusk Ball
  2. HadiTariq

    The Assassin's giveaway #1

    IGN- HadiTariq Number- 49
  3. HadiTariq

    Giveaway Helen's Giveaway #1

    IGN - Haditariq Good giveaway prize
  4. HadiTariq

    General Choose a Generation 5 team

  5. HadiTariq

    Serapheon's RPS Giveaway (Closed)

    IGN- HadiTariq Favourite sportsman- C. Ronaldo Pokemon to train-
  6. Kanto- Johto- Hoenn- Sinnoh- Unova- Kalos-
  7. Have atleast a Pokemon of every type. I mainly used a fire, water, grass, electric, flying and dragon in my team. Other types are also needed to be used in defeating some elite fours etc.
  8. I have trouble in finding mystics. Favourite type is shiny.
  9. HadiTariq

    General What Pokémon did you claim?

  10. HadiTariq

    What team would you turn to during a crisis?

    The Haxorus is the shiny one. Lucario will be the mega
  11. HadiTariq

    Favourite Trio

  12. Yes, this is a bad idea.
  13. HadiTariq

    What Event Pokemon Do You Want To Come Out Next?

    I would to like to have event of shadow Arceus forms .
  14. HadiTariq

    Favorite Type of Pokemon?

    Dragon types :