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  1. TAT

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    TheAmbitiousTrainer MAyonnaise
  2. PAT is the countdown according to Indian time?????????????????

    1. Patrick


      If you want it to be.

  3. Pokemon vortex V4 is the new half life 3

    1. eurstin


      Better that than IW ;) 

  4. -Eva

    TAT......it's me HotFudgeSundae .....Sylveon

    1. TAT
    2. -Eva


      Hey dear TAT .....looking good there....

  5. Patrick's timezone is Earth +1 day

    so if it says 9th of feb

    it means the 10th


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    2. Patrick


      I'm not the one setting status' about people. You may want to rethink who the tryhard is.

    3. TAT


      you know alot of stuff patrick

      but anger management ain't one of them

    4. Patrick
  6. Call me salty all, but am i the only one who doesn't think that photoshopped pictures of anime characters is art?

    it's like, you only download a template from DA and paste it in PS and boom, you're an artist.

    That's not how it works..

    1. Redonkulous


      and that nightcore isn't just the original song sped up with a dank anime pic

    2. v3567


      You're salty!


      Hey now, you asked for it! :P

  7. is this the real life

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    2. hhh123


      you r crazy tat fat rat cat sat hat 


       is that even a question?? u r living simple is that and that is life . 

    3. TAT


      no one got the bohemian rhapsody reference :(

    4. froakielatte


      I did, I'm just messin

  8. New pokemon sun and moon pokemon was leaked today, images in comments

  9. TAT

    New map - Island

    For better maps, Use RPG game maker. You can get the free trial in here After making the maps, you can suggest them in here.
  10. Life hack : how to make your food salty when you don't have salt

    You add vortex players to it


    *ba dum tss*

  11. TAT

    Bugs Directory.

    Hello and welcome to bugs diretory, Here, You will be able to find all bugs posted in the bugs section. If you already see someone posted the same bug as you, Don't post it again. post that aren't really bugs won't be posted in here. This will be seperated to two part, Solved and unsolved! Unsolved Missing pokeball in the map. Missing items during trainer battles Unable to save signatures. Glitched pokemon trainer names in SQ's Power gem Attack performing wrong type action. Duplicate attacks. Owning hyper potions whilst not having bought them. Zebstrika shortcut not working. pokemon lacations guide links are broken. Solved! Ability to edit trade threads. Male combee evolving Error while changing attacks. Dex number mix (Hoopa and volcanion) Trade offers counter glitch. Duplicate attacks on Aggron.
  12. Ok, This is really annoying, can people start avoiding close status updates? don't post 4 or 5 in a row filling the entire status wall, it is really annoying "(=.=)

  13. Hello, and welcome to Pokemon Vortex's suggestions directory, Before making any suggestion, make sure that you follow the following rules : It must not break any forum rules. (Please read forum rules if you are new to these forums) It must not be already posted (Check the threads already posted below and make sure your suggestion isn't matching) Already suggested ideas Giving names to pokemons. Double happiness day. Re-using the ancient pokemon forms. Happiness points counter. Removing time-outs. Admin Q&A. Type-Filtered search options. Ingame report message button. Mega eevee forms Sidequest bonuses.Seperate tab for legendary and event pokemon in the pokedex. If you make a suggestion that i forgot to add, Please Send me a pm and i'll add it in here. Thread approved by Rob