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  1. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    TheAmbitiousTrainer MAyonnaise
  2. Programing Open Source Pokemon RPG

    Very underrated thread, keep up the great work!
  3. PAT is the countdown according to Indian time?????????????????

    1. Patrick


      If you want it to be.

  4. Pokemon vortex V4 is the new half life 3

    1. eurstin


      Better that than IW ;) 

  5. TAT......it's me HotFudgeSundae .....Sylveon

    1. TAT
    2. -Eva


      Hey dear TAT .....looking good there....

  6. Patrick's timezone is Earth +1 day

    so if it says 9th of feb

    it means the 10th


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    2. Patrick


      I'm not the one setting status' about people. You may want to rethink who the tryhard is.

    3. TAT


      you know alot of stuff patrick

      but anger management ain't one of them

    4. Patrick
  7. Call me salty all, but am i the only one who doesn't think that photoshopped pictures of anime characters is art?

    it's like, you only download a template from DA and paste it in PS and boom, you're an artist.

    That's not how it works..

    1. Redonkulous


      and that nightcore isn't just the original song sped up with a dank anime pic

    2. v3567


      You're salty!


      Hey now, you asked for it! :P

  8. Writing Vortex Wizarding World

    why am i not in this .beside that, nice try
  9. Programing Javascript Challenges

    fixed it, can you try finding another hole? Never mind. Gave up on the first code, i decided to remake it entirely, this second code is much better and i doubt it'll fail though it won't work with exponents (i think) new code here :
  10. Programing Javascript Challenges

    That method is no fun Also, finished your code, can you run it tell me if there are any thing i didn't cover / errors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================================= ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @amank , sure it's one of the simplest codes :!) function factorial(a) { var sum = 1; for (var i = a; i > 0; i--) { sum *= i; } return sum; }
  11. Hey guys, so i need some training on javascript, if you got any small tasks you want to do with javascript, leave them in a comment and i'll try to make a script for it Challenge number 1 : Decimal to binary conversion (with the ability to choose how may bits) Status: Completed Code : Challenge number 2 : The sum of two decimal numbers (From FlameScape) Status : Finished Code : Challenge number 3 : return The factorial of a number Status: Completed Code : P.s : Any requests for bots will be forwarded to mods.
  12. New minigame I made a small 2d shooter using a javascript framework called P5.js which makes game developping with canvas much easier To test out the minigame, go here, its still in dev stage though HTML CODE Javascript code
  13. is this the real life

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    2. hhh123


      you r crazy tat fat rat cat sat hat 


       is that even a question?? u r living simple is that and that is life . 

    3. TAT


      no one got the bohemian rhapsody reference :(

    4. froakielatte


      I did, I'm just messin

  14. Programing Captcha

    Nice code, but i wouldn't recommend people to use it for few reasons first of all, you'll need to have 1 password only for this to work so this cant be used in login forms second and most importantlly, security. someone could just view the js source code and get the pass i wouldn't recommend using a front-end language like JS for this kind of staff, rather back-end language like PHP, here is a small snippet that is just like yours but uses PHP's PDO prepared statments to fetch a password from the given database and see's if's its correct <?php include "DatabaseConnexionScript.php"; //presumably, make a connection script with a database and name the connection variable as $conn if(!isset($_COOKIE["attempts"])) { setcookie("attempts",0,86400,"/register","yoursitename.com",1,1); } if ($_COOKIE["attempts"] < 4) { $sqlCheck= "Select Count(*) as cnt from users where nick=:n AND pass=:p"; $sqlSend = $conn->prepare($sqlCheck); $sqlSend->execute(Array( ":n"=>$_POST["nick"], ":p"=>$_POST["pass"] )); $sqlFetch = $sqlSend->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); if($sqlFecth["cnt"] == 1) { //This mean the user was logged in correctly, Redirect him to the use area and create the SESSION cookies, DOn't forget to not store pass in the cookies header("Location: userarea.php"); } else { $_COOKIE["attempts"] += 1; } } else { echo "Max amount of tries has been achieved, try again in 10 mins"; } ?> This is much much more secure
  15. New pokemon sun and moon pokemon was leaked today, images in comments