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Route Spawns


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You are able to find all encounters per area on the Vortex wiki.
Every area has its own page, and will also list which Pokémon appear with which rarities.
This is an example of a Vortex wiki page for one of the areas with Pokémon: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Vortex_Citadel
In this example, replace 'Vortex Citadel' in the URL with any other area, such as 'Unown Cave' or 'Route 21', and you'll find what's on those areas.
You can also look for a Pokémon instead by typing its name, so 'Pidgey' instead of where it says 'Vortex Citadel'. That will give you various info on Pidgey, including where to catch it. You can then click on those areas on Pidgey's page to immediately be taken to the area(s) in which it appears.

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