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London456'S giveaway

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Well its been a really long time since I did a giveaway.

 The prize is 2 unique pikachu xmas

What u have to do is answer my question correctly. 

Question: Which are my 2 favourite pokemon

Time limit to guess is till 16th March

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7 hours ago, Assassin_Creed said:

I think Charizard (Mega Y) and Arceus (Fairy)


6 hours ago, Mahendra7 said:

pikachu and arceus



1 minute ago, StarPonyta20 said:

Charizard (Mega Y) & Bisharp are your favorites. I know this because they are obviously the ones you use most.

All of u are wrong. Star, I only use them the mist because they were my first 2 pokemon in v3 so they are special to me like my Mettalic Empoleon and Normal drudiggon.  I traded my other 2 a long way back.  But no they r not my favourite ones, they are my special ones but not my favourite

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1 hour ago, Assassin_Creed said:

Sorrry for double posting,but can we make more guesses?

U can make as many guesses as u want. But make em before 16th Of March as any guess after tt will not be taken into consideration.  So make as many as want

1 hour ago, PokemonLeader said:

Pikachu & Absol


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