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  1. whats your rate for unique cosmogs and which ones u got? (evolves also fine)
  2. resetting the exp to 50k will have a negative effect on how the game will be played if its implemented. many of the players here play to claim the top ranks, in the quest to doing so they must garner exp and a huge amount of it. It also effects the trade system as many things in the current situation is rated by exp (exp Dark Zygarde Coplete is 75 mil is or) and messing with that will have serious problems. also the new players who come into the game will have serious amount of difficulty in catching upto the trainers in the leaderboard Also you cannot just reset the exp that was trained
  3. Looking For Unqiue Squirtles and Unique Gardevoirs
  4. IGN Mahendra7 Zero Cosmogs at the moment
  5. Can anyone give me the details of sidequests? like when each gets completed and what are the prizes for each stage and all
  6. offered, feel free to evolve it upto metagross
  7. /what are your rates for dps?
  8. I have Dark Kyurem Mystic Deoxys Mystic Diancie Mega Shadow Diancie Mega shaodow mega Mewtwo Y SHiny rayquaza Mega How much exp for them?
  9. "eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend. My has 22mil Ign Mahendra7
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