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I'm searching for events giving exp
Trading Legends for other Legends or exp


Events for trade are Kyurem (Black)x2 Kyurem (White) Rotom (Halloween) Zygarde (Partial)Zygarde (Cell)x5


Legends for trade :

Normal : CelebiCresseliaDarkrownx3 Genesectx3 GiratinaGroudonJirachiKyuremLandorusx5 LatiasMewx3 RaikouRegiceRegisteelx3 Reshiramx4 RotomShayminx2 Shaymin (Sky)TerrakionTornadusUxieVirizionYveltal  x2 Zygarde

Dark : Dark Celebi


Metallic : Metallic LugiaMetallic Virizion


Mystic : Mystic CobalionMystic GenesectMystic Lugia x2 Mystic MespritMystic RegigigasMystic ShayminMystic Zygarde


EXP for trade :

Mystic Golurk with  11,276,947

Haunter with 10,377,047

Charizard (Mega X) with 9,228,245

Shiny Sandshrew with 5,229,572

Shiny Dewgong with 5,002,751

Mismagius with 5,002,674

Metallic Charizard (Mega X) with 5,000,000

Dark Alakazam (Mega) with 5,000,000

Mystic Zygarde with 5,000,000

Cofagrigus with 5,000,000



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On 8/11/2016 at 7:01 PM, Shebang said:

How much EXP for the Zygarde (Partial)?

5m at least


12 hours ago, porymon said:

Raikou for your Landorus ?

Already have it 
Maybe Suicune ?

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