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  1. Give me geodude, sandshrew, hippopotas, flying type pokemons LVL 6. 

    And i will make u rich xd


  2. If he tries, he will not be able to find out your pass if it isn't something like 123456789, qwerty, ur ign, etc...
  3. U can PM me to talk with how much u want and we well see what we can do. Depends about what r we talkin
  4. LF, ALL EVENTS, BUYABLE POKEMONS(10$), ULTRA BEASTS ETC.. Picture to attract attention. Offering only poke$!!!!
  5. Ofc, offer on any low pokemon at: Srki123
  6. Pm me what u want. Other sableyes, unique leggs, gen7 uniques..
  7. Okay, I will tell u when I finish. I have about 30 hearts to do for Loki and 3 for eespoor, so I will try to finish them as soonest as I can!
  8. You can offer on any low lvl pokemon on Srki123, just tell me 1 thing, eevee's on lvl 3 or lvl 4 of happiness? @Prayag_Raj_Rai
  9. Offer Shadow Type on any low pokemon uft on Srki123, I will try to finish it as soonest as I can but it will take some days, i have 36 hearts to do for Loki. @eespoor
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