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Question if I was hacked??


Can someone check, if my account has being used in the game the last few days.


IGN: AbsoluteHERO


Not sure if, I was hacked or not since I can't log on anymore. Since the 22/23rd. Or worst I was potentially banned (since the only abnormality I had before I was still able to sign in was someone trading me their "Shadow Caterpie Christmas" for one of my legendary.

Thanks in advance.

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??? That is strange, I was playing the game normally and just being catching Pokemon last week.


But thanks, for the help at least that narrows it down to the cause. Not sure why I was banned but is there someone I can asked about it??


And I NEVER cheated in the game. The only thing that can potentially caused it was the "Shadow Caterpie Christmas" I receive from a trade. Which could of being my fault for accepting it



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