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Request for a Re-Run of Rotom (Pokedex) Event!!

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3 hours ago, unknown_citizen said:

As title says.... this is a request for a re-run ofRotom (Pokedex)( 2nd Edition ). It's the perfect time for its return.... after almost 2 years!!!!

it's not difficult to make a rerun of this poke!!  is it??!!


Yes it must be But I want a Zygrade event or Pikachu cosplay event or kyurem event or volcanion event......lol

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I disagree.

Patrick hasnt even released all of v4's new features.

The clan perks, achievements, saved teams and the most important of all - wonder trade.

After Pat releases all of those, event and event re runs would be more fun as well.

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There isn't a point. Rotomdexes have a solid value for how rare they are. I'd quite like to see a rerun of the Deoxys forms - there isn't a single active Dark Deoxys (Attack). Two are on banned accounts and the last has been in a trade offer for over a year.

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