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  1. giinerou

    Answered ??

    Sorry,I have a questions,will there be an options on the new map to disable people?
  2. I have a question for Patric if old maps are not supported, when will the remaining pokemons be added to the live map? I understand that everything goes in the direction of using live map and I have a question. If you will be able to catch all available pokemons there, will it look like the old ones? In the sense that on a grass map no matter which way the pokemons appear as on old maps?
  3. In my opinion it is absurd that thoose who use old maps cant catch the 8th generation pokemon
  4. It's absurd to play this game because I liked the simplicity of the map, if you removed it then I end the game and urge others to do so. Why doesn't it give you a choice of who would like to use the map source and catch Pokemon from Galar there
  5. I don't know if this is a mistake, but despite defeating the leaders and master Galar, no new pokemon appear on the old maps. If this is a deliberate procedure, unfortunately, thank you for something like that, because with a weaker computer I have no possibility to catch new creatures, because these maps are cut to me. Ps I've finished sidequests
  6. It's not fair I have a weaker pc and I use the emerging map where new creatures do not pass each other that I beat Champion Galar and all the leaders ...
  7. Where is changelog v5????
  8. giinerou

    Answered Zeraora

    Does Zeraora appear on the maps wildly or do you have to get it in a different way?
  9. giinerou

    Universal Trade

    I place Shiny Pheromose if someone had an ordinary stakatake to gladly exchange my nickname for Giinerou
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