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  1. Uniques My events and leggys trade thread

    Hi which of my events you want for deoxys speed i can give three events shadow torracat primarina and cubone vader
  2. Uniques My events and leggys trade thread

    Tell me your ign from which i can select pokemons
  3. Uniques My events and leggys trade thread

    Ok i will give you metallic latias make an offer on ign ravneet
  4. Hi this is my first thread All can take part in this thread Here are the pokemons i am trading Legends :- x2 Unique legends:- Events:- normal vader ,normal pikamas ,normal rotomween ,normal togeween ,normal primarina ,shadow torracat Having some normal and unique non legends also check my ign ravneet
  5. Giveaway Fire-type 100 Team Giveaway

    Ign ravneet Number 88 thx for giveaway
  6. Giveaway Shayan''s Amazing Giveaway

    Ign ravneet Song faded Singer alan walker Thanks for giveaway
  7. Events My Events Trading Thread

    I can give and for any event excep pikamas vader
  8. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Ok but now i am having a shadow incereor
  9. Universal Community Trading Thread

    i can give my primarina what can you give
  10. Events MY events trading thread

    I can give for any of your pokemon

    Ign ravneet No 88 Thx for giveaway
  12. Giveaway COSMOG GIVEAWAY

    Ign ravneet No 88 Well done keep it up
  13. Universal Arslan's Trade Thread

    Which pokemon can you give for my
  14. Uniques (UPDATED) ThisIsAWolf's Trade Center

    I can give my what is the value of it
  15. Legendaries Lonely's Legends and Events (UPDATED)

    I can give my for your normal jedi or normal diglett christmas