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  1. Legendaries TRADE CENTER

    what do you want for your digmas
  2. Discussion Hello

    I am too excited about v4
  3. I am having Events Vader , rotoween , pikamas , lunala Fossils Aerodactyl , anorith , shadow aerodactyl , shadow omanyte What can you give them individualy
  4. I want to know the value of my shadow that is why i asked all of you to answer me the offers on it. Thx for answering

    Hi i am having vader lunala and shadow incineroar what can you give
  6. Giveaway giveaway for legendaries

    Ign ravneet Number 8
  7. Universal Indian trade thread

    What can you give
  8. Universal Indian trade thread

    Add one more dark leggy
  9. Universal Events Trading

    I can give shadow incineroar and 2 unique leggys for your any digmas
  10. Universal Trading leggies by: fodn

    My ign is ravneet i am offering you
  11. Universal Trading leggies by: fodn

    Sorry but I consulted my friend and he said give dark regirock and zekrom is it okay to you
  12. Universal Trading leggies by: fodn

    Darkrown kyurem and zekrom
  13. Universal Trading leggies by: fodn

    I want arceus how many do you want
  14. Universal Indian trade thread

  15. Universal Indian trade thread

    Here is my second trade thread now i am having new pokemons Here is the list of pokemons i have Fossils shadow Normal legends x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x3 Unique legend. Dark mewtwo mega x , dark regirock , metallic tornadus , mystic regice , mystic thunderus , shadow genesect , shiny keldeo , shiny shaymin sky , shiny virizion , Events cubone vader , lunala , pikachu christmas , rotom halloween Unique event shadow incineroar My wishlist events Hope you like this thread Please keep this active dont let it die