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  1. brother i'm trade those listed poke's read whole thing
  2. dark cobalion , metallic latios , mystic latias , mystic latios , mystic rayquaza , mytsic xerneas active , shadow victini
  3. Okay i will take a look
  4. Pokemon Trade Thread Events: Legendaries : Trading Events For Pd's Only Trading Legendary Pokemons for My Missing Legendary's:https://paste.ee/p/RzTh7
  5. Hello How much u can train for mystic kyogre primal with 250k exp.
  6. The giveaway has been ended no need to enter now Thanks
  7. Congratulation , you have the giveaway of . Put a random pokemon up for trade so i can offer your reward. Thanks for participating everyone. I will see you in my next giveaway , coming soon
  8. ohh sorry 1.6mill okay i'll offer the uxie and when will i get it back
  9. is the pokemon and i'm okay with the price. so 2mill exp training takes 1.2mill pd's right
  10. Giveaway Hello eveyone I'm going to host a giveaway of It's every easy to take part in it Steps: 1. Your ign 2. Number between 1-50 3. Your favourite pokemon The winner of the giveaway will be decided after 2days Good luck everyone
  11. Hello i have shadow arceus and dark rayquaza what is your offer for them
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