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  1. agha23

    Events Trading For Exp and Events

    What u can give for meta stakataka and rotom Halloween with 1m exp
  2. agha23

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading Dark floette eternal 2x Metallic floette eternal 1 is code Normal Necrozma Dark necrozma Rotomween with 1m exp Metallic stakataka LF:exp and pd's
  3. agha23

    Events Trade Threat

    exp or pd Exp: 13 mill Pd: 23 mill
  4. agha23

    Events Trade Threat

    Sorry bro not worth anyother offer
  5. agha23

    Events Trade Threat

    PD's or exp
  6. agha23

    Events Trade Threat

    Hello I am trading some of my Event and Normal Shiny Pokemons Experience: 1,000,000 Looking For: Experience Poke Dollars
  7. agha23

    Ultra Beast Bonanza


    An event for necrozama
  8. agha23

    Giveaway Giveaway for 2 tapu lele (closed)

    IGN: agha23 Number: 1 Pokemon: dialga
  9. agha23

    Legendaries Training Pokemon on level 100

    I want to train 5 poke on 100
  10. agha23

    Experience exp training shop.

    I think your rates are wrong you are giving less exp
  11. agha23

    Universal Mech-E-mon ( Training Hut )

    @Johnscz12 how much time to train my 2 mill exp
  12. agha23

    Universal Mech-E-mon ( Training Hut )

    shiny magikarp
  13. agha23

    Universal Mech-E-mon ( Training Hut )

  14. agha23

    Universal Mech-E-mon ( Training Hut )

    2 mill exp for them
  15. agha23

    Universal Mech-E-mon ( Training Hut )

    5 mill