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  1. agha23

    Legendaries Trade Shop

    Hello guy's i'm making a trade shop so if you want any legendary pokemon from my Trade list please reply Thanks ign: agha23 Normal: 2x Dark: Metallic: Mystic: shadow: 2x Shiny: These are few legends if trading now LF: Pd's , missing legends https://paste.ee/p/Yis1y or other offer's Thanks
  2. No one can guess a promo code. and if you want to claim it , you will claim it if not release it in free-promos there is no need of packing the quiz prize promo code's
  3. agha23

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Hii i have shiny ralts @Alys
  4. agha23

    Experience Exp Shop

    how much your Looking for
  5. agha23

    Experience Exp Shop

    450k exp for it
  6. agha23

    Experience Exp Shop

    training for normal event's only and 240k exp for wash
  7. agha23

    Experience Exp Shop

    Hello guys i'm doing exp jobs for event and fossils poke's https://paste.ee/p/i2cV5 This is the list of my missing event poke's i need but mostly those event's i'm LookingFor are Fossils: cranidos , omanyte ,omastar and rampardos Events: Rotom (halloween , frost , spin , wash) , pikachu xmas , raichu xmas , diglett xmas , caterpie xmas , pikachu (rock star) , deoxys (attack , defense , speed) These event's i'm LF most but also other you can see from my missing list LF only normal events or fossils Jobs done: done job for rotom (wash)
  8. agha23

    Contest Waybig's Latest Giveaway

    IGn: agha23 2. Arceus (Unknown) Thanks for the giveaway
  9. agha23

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    i want shadow: zapdos , ho-oh mystic : zapdos , kyurem , raikou , latios , yveltal dark: mespirt , suicune , genesect , darkrown metallic: zapdos , zekrom , latios , genesect i want these from you how much pd's for them tell in terms like for meta : your price for mystic : your price
  10. agha23

    The Arceus Trifecta


    Thanks patrick for another good event thank you
  11. agha23

    Event Giveaway

  12. agha23

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

    Armored Mewtwo Mewtwo (Gen) Mewtwo (Defense) Mewtwo (Strike) Mewtwo (Robotic) Mewtwo (Knight) Mewtwo (Alpha) Mewtwo (Original) Newmew Mewthree Thanks @Patrick For asking us for the Names!!!
  13. agha23

    Experience Looking for 100 lvl Pokes

    check my account and tell what you need for your poke ign: agha23
  14. agha23

    Experience Looking for 100 lvl Pokes

    Hello guys i'm looking for 100lvl pokes i'm offering pd's for them 30k each (100lvl poke) i'm giving ign: agha23 If you have any , pls reply thanks