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  1. Ign- Crexx fav poke Food: spaghetti
  2. ign Crexx just look at my pokemon u will see nothing for trade so go to view all pokemonto see em most are for trade looking for add me o trade or offer on here if u ot any of the pokes i want and u see something i have that u want
  3. i got shiny but want to let u know none of those are fair offers for any of em even in multiple pokemon just a waring but if u got pd or better pokemon add me ign Crexx
  4. lf a shiny sobble i can offer 3mil pds or 1,2mil exp on a zygarde complete send me a friend request in game if u got one ign Crexx or reply herepls help me
  5. i have and these as a promo code ign Crexx meassge me here or on pv or reply to my post
  6. uhh look up my ign Crexx or dm me on discord at unown will get the viCtory (TM)#2213
  7. i have lots of good pokemon if anyone wants to trade ign is Crexx send me a friend request or send me a message
  8. i have a shiny mega one
  9. i have a dark zygarde core i fu are interested add me then dm me or dm me on discord at Deoxys-sped (TM)#2213 ur choice
  10. What do u want for guzzlord i do not have any thing in the wanted list my ign is Crexx message me on there as am not on forums a lot
  11. yes i agree in the same manner as i was a newbie and i was targeted aswell
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