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  1. Groudon ( Primal ) An absolute beast. The intense sun caused by its ability nullifies water type moves, making it a boss.
  2. This is quite correct. Make a can in forums, link it to your ig. clan and if you are the leader or co-leader, a change in the forums clan icon will change your in game clan pfp. Regards.
  3. Hey ( to whoever is reading this, hopefully someone who can hep. ) A user ( I will mention the name later) had successfully managed to scam me out of my arceus dragon about 9 days ago, on the day the event ended. This only came to my notice recently as I had been busy and the "user" had promised to put up the necessary pokemon. Although a part of it was my own fault for not checking the trade, the trade was made based on the total valuation of the pokes at that specific time (21/06/2020). The trade was decided to be done in 2 parts as the "user" had to give 2 pokemon for 2 of mine. The first trade was put on the Dragon, which I accepted, waiting for the other trade to happen. It did not. It has been about a week now, and I have not recieved the other pokemon. Whoever I have talked to about this incident, and this "user" have told me that this "user" seems to scam a lot of people, either pay less to newbies, or leave trades half done - to his own benefits. I hope someone looks into this matter and helps me out. Further Details are mentioned below. "user" - Pokemon offered from my side ( along with their values as on 21/6/2020) Arceus (dragon) - 2.5m Cosmog - 500k Pokemon expected to receive (along with their values as on 21/6/2020) Thundurus (therian) - 700k Shiny deoxys - 2m I only received the Landorus for my Dragon, and foolishly accepted the trade, believing him to send the other pokemon on my cosmog. There have been many reports of him scamming newbies and others to make some easy bucks. This person has smartly made a new account and transferred all his pokes there, making the stolen pokes untraceable. Such scamming makes the game toxic and drives a crowd away. WHOEVER HAS BEEN SCAMMED, don't keep it with yourself, let it out and let the admin know about it. Thank You for patiently reading my plea. Regards Nishrock This post is for the entire community to post about their scams and helpful replies from other Samaritans. Special Thanks to Flamescape for helping me out. (p.s - screenshots coming up soon)
  4. This is correct, and if the problem is not solved you need to get to the admins as soon as possible to prevent the other user ( if there is ) from ruining your account.
  5. This is not a glitch, just the way the game is. It is the same on everyone's screen so do not worry.
  6. ign : nishrock This is sure gonna be something good, At least I hope so I am losing faith in life
  7. nishrock

    Battle of Eternity


    i won a mystic floette eternal Best event ever
  8. I used another team mystic mega swampert mega charizard x mystic yveltal aegislash (shield) Greninja Mega blastoise I won a mystic floeete eternal!!
  9. The shadow variant is immune to status effects thus making it powerful. For other variants visit the wiki blog
  10. nishrock

    Answered Seasons

    I just wanted to ask what these seasonal rankings are? How can you get a seasonal ranking? Please reply NIshrock
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