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  1. Groudon ( Primal ) An absolute beast. The intense sun caused by its ability nullifies water type moves, making it a boss.
  2. This is quite correct. Make a can in forums, link it to your ig. clan and if you are the leader or co-leader, a change in the forums clan icon will change your in game clan pfp. Regards.
  3. Hey ( to whoever is reading this, hopefully someone who can hep. ) A user ( I will mention the name later) had successfully managed to scam me out of my arceus dragon about 9 days ago, on the day the event ended. This only came to my notice recently as I had been busy and the "user" had promised to put up the necessary pokemon. Although a part of it was my own fault for not checking the trade, the trade was made based on the total valuation of the pokes at that specific time (21/06/2020). The trade was decided to be done in 2 parts as the "user" had to give 2 pokemon for 2 of mine. The fi
  4. This is correct, and if the problem is not solved you need to get to the admins as soon as possible to prevent the other user ( if there is ) from ruining your account.
  5. This is not a glitch, just the way the game is. It is the same on everyone's screen so do not worry.
  6. ign : nishrock This is sure gonna be something good, At least I hope so I am losing faith in life
  7. I used another team mystic mega swampert mega charizard x mystic yveltal aegislash (shield) Greninja Mega blastoise I won a mystic floeete eternal!!
  8. The shadow variant is immune to status effects thus making it powerful. For other variants visit the wiki blog
  9. I just wanted to ask what these seasonal rankings are? How can you get a seasonal ranking? Please reply NIshrock
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