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  1. All the shiny varient pokemons have 500 hp , only shiny.
  2. Never won at least one time also Ign:pokemast-2704
  3. You can use this : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ev0vfL99DmaBI9vrFZ9G37v4qBAgsTEnBkTw2oboCL0/edit#gid=1087887082 It can be helpful to you.
  4. I can offer dratinire or dratinice any. If you need please let me know.
  5. Ign:pokemast-2704 Fav pokemon: pikachu and gardevoir. Fav food: Ragi balls , chicken curry ,pork (South Indian style). I can't join discord please mention winners here too.
  6. I also have some ideas like, [✓] In maps while we are exploring we will meet some trainers, they will challenge us for battle. [✓] what if we can have live battles with players when they are online. [✓] Before challenging gym leaders, we have to battle with some other trainers. [✓] If there was daily challenges or daily goals like fulfilling some of challenges and awarding the winners, this is could be helpful for player's boredom. If get some more ideas I will post it. If you like my ideas , you can like or upvote .
  7. Done, I have keldeo and kyurem so I want .
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