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  1. until

    @Patrick my auction was charged 10% tax on 10th november........so what is suppose to happen for that?
  2. holmes4869

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    I guess it could be zeraora as @Patrick did have it on his team(shiny one) (maybe giving us PV players a teaser)....
  3. until

    This game is busy mockin me.... i found shiny male (below lvl 10) ponyta turtunator darumaka salandit (more than 3 times each) but This game is seriously laughing at me... Plz help 22/10/19 got lvl 11.....why not 10 or below... 23/10/19 missed on shiny pansear male lvl 8 AT NIGHT: caught shiny pansear male lvl 9 YAYYY!!! 25/10/19 after running past 4 lvl 9 meowth finally caught one today.... @Patrick thank you for this scavenger hunt..(my first one)...it was fun(bittersweet)...
  4. until

    Where do i know my first task from...? How to start...plz help
  5. Happy Birthday Patrick

  6. I have a riolu.....but i need pokemoney here not another pokemon...How much will u pay for it?
  7. IGN : holmes4869 No. of cosmog from giveaway : 0 Thx for giveaway brother
  8. @porymon How long will this go on....as I have managed to find something close enuf....
  9. Thanx @ashgreninjaserina...I have a pokemon on trade.... wow
  10. holmes4869

    Genesect Genesis v2


    Just don't be a sidequest event again...many players can't participate in those...
  11. Hey there... IGN: holmes4869 Promo code:(This is the closest I got to PORY -P0RY) DFL3-FORY-GLUX HLQY-DORY-ELPX The search is on..... Make a WISH.... @porymon thx for this giveaway contest ...it is interesting
  12. Hello @LunaticFringe777 The rarity of all starter pokemon has been incearsed in the game... Good luck catching them God Bless
  13. Thank you mate.... Love u & God Bless
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