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  1. Hello ,, i can provide u with Vivillon sandstorm ....pm me in game....ign:holmes4869
  2. Hello there, Here u go from charmander to arceus(only) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzIBhU6I76WjYjhlY2U4YzItZjM3OC00OGEzLTkzMTItNjQ4ZGVkYjc3YzQ1/view?hl=en
  3. i have the pokemon up for trade but i didnt get the prize for the contest


    1. ashgreninjaserina


      Sorry, I have a very busy schedule, so I haven't been able to come on lately.

    2. holmes4869


      No problem brother....:)


  4. Done whoa i won....didnt expect that,,, Thx @ashgreninjaserina
  5. bro i have paralyse heal on auction 165000 pds(10% tax) shiny moltres on trade offer up man... once i see that u have placed a bid on the auction ...i will accept the trade... (150k for shiny moltres is very low but for my INDIAN BROTHER ...christmas discount :) )
  6. Hello there, I got shiny moltres brother.....but rather than exp i need pds... how much can u offer ig: holmes4869
  7. GOLDEN SUDOWOODO CRYSTAL ONIX These could be great additions as they have appeared on pokemon anime....i soo wish to have crystal onix
  8. IGN: holmes4869 NUMBER: 16 FAVORITE POKEMON : palkia
  9. Thank you @iwamineshuu for this contest...it was fun... also to all the participants ....Man u all r so good....I loved each and everyone's img..... P.S.: @iwamineshuu check your vortex message box...thanks
  10. BLAST FROM THE PAST & SALUTE TO POKEMON CARD GAMES My personal touch on this scene all who have siblings can understand this https://imgur.com/DcayN5n Hope u all like it IG: holmes4869
  11. until

    @Patrick my auction was charged 10% tax on 10th november........so what is suppose to happen for that?
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