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  1. Ign : holmes4869 looks interesting
  2. IGN: holmes4869 Hoping to win alolan forms or dratinilic.........fingers crossed...
  3. Hello jeffV, For events, you will see a message regarding the event on your dashboard. You can also join the Pokemon Vortex Discord to be notified each time for any event. Enjoy pokemon catching and Stay Safe.
  4. IGN : holmes4869 Hoping to win atleast a Mid teir pokemon
  5. IGN : holmes4869 Hoping to win any galar starter...or necrozma........Just wanting to win is also a gr8 feeling
  6. Hello ,, i can provide u with Vivillon sandstorm ....pm me in game....ign:holmes4869
  7. Hello there, Here u go from charmander to arceus(only) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzIBhU6I76WjYjhlY2U4YzItZjM3OC00OGEzLTkzMTItNjQ4ZGVkYjc3YzQ1/view?hl=en
  8. i have the pokemon up for trade but i didnt get the prize for the contest


    1. ashgreninjaserina


      Sorry, I have a very busy schedule, so I haven't been able to come on lately.

    2. holmes4869


      No problem brother....:)


  9. Done whoa i won....didnt expect that,,, Thx @ashgreninjaserina
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