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Contest Guess the Guy Contest!

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Well All of you guessed the answer correct its Pikachu!!! Now Next Question, How heavy is snorlax? Snorlax¯\_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯

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Announcement my dear participants! Negative marking is On from the previous question I have asked above ☝️ This means that -1 for each wrong answers, Sorry I had to do that cuz You guys are too smart ! So I need to tough the Competition 🙂

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8 hours ago, Captaincam1 said:

I've heard and seen this as a meme before 

Hmm IDK just thought he was abusing or something 🤨

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6 hours ago, SAMUEL.D.S said:

this is actually kind of easy, and also not guessing a guy so... nice :)

Yeah actually right! Not guessing the guy maybe sometimes it becomes a quiz tho!

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On 23/02/2021 at 10:56 PM, foodviro2.0 said:

jk lol its 1k pounds

Sorry Your answer is not correct exact or may I say at POV of approx too so You get a -1

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