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Unanswered meteorite deoxys avatar?


hi in sidequests i can get a meteorite ive heard a meteorite can evolve deoxys into any deoxys form but i use this thing called list of avatars the deoxys forms avatars are chance of getting when recieving if i evolve deoxys using a meteorite will i still get the avatar of the deoxys form

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You can still get the Deoxys form avatars from redeeming Deoxys promos. So a Deoxys (Speed) promo has a chance to give you Deoxys (Speed) avatar, redeeming Deoxys (Attack) has a chance to give you an Attack avatar etc.

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You can't get them anymore unless you go on PokeBay and get a promo or a simple meteorite. To get the avatar you just need to go on... well... PokeBay again! For example i'm bidding on a Deoxys (Attack) Avatar on PokeBay (it's suprisingly cheap) hope that answered your question.

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