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  1. i want ill give you ( a metallic one )
  2. @IKmaster100 i meant ill pay you 2 unique shieldons for like 4m xp
  3. hey i have 2 unique shieldon's how much xp will u do for them?
  4. Insanity's Exp Shop Prices: 100k - 300k pds 200k - 500k pds 300k - 700k pds 400k - 800k pds 500k - 1.2m pds IGN : Insanity-Gamer
  5. Patrick its been 1 week and 3 days since you banned me off the pokemon vortex server so can you unban me or could you at least tell me how long the ban is because i really wanna get back on the discord channel and i am sorry for what i did which leaded up to me being banned my discord name is insanity anyways...


    Thanks Patrick

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    2. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      I highly agree with SmartAss. Anyways, is this from Discord server or in-game? If it's in-game that's not gonna happen, if Discord, chances are still low.

    3. Insanity-Gamer


      @Nutella Navigator its from pokemon vortex discord


    4. omg414


      They would not have banned you simply! You might have broken the rules despite of several warnings..

  6. Please Patrick its been 48h and im sorry just please can you unban me i wont swear again please  give me 1 more chance

    1. Auke1993


      It's almost certainly not Patrick that banned you from Discord, although the possibility does exist.
      Either way, sending him multiple messages is likely to lower your chances of the unban.
      Seeing as you seem to agree you have broken the rules (for which you were banned), I don't see the ban being undone.

  7. can you please unban me from th discord server im Insanity


  8. i need exp training add me ( Insanity-Gamer )
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