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  1. First thank you for this last event, then give him a long overdue birthday greeting and thirdly, hopefully from now on every September he will have an event in honour of his birthday, although we don't deserve it because hardly anyone greets him but it would be great. Long live vortex sir Patrick.
  2. was already banned, but is now on his new account: Wintersnight
  3. They are needed (screenshot) so that they can investigate a suspect and get him banned.
  4. Greetings, I presume Matelinski, Matelinskan, mateoyt, Yelty, faker_kills, etc, has returned or someone impersonated him to steal a shiny complete (id 0031431282) with the account: ul_tra_kills, currently now on the account fiore-lla. To be brief, one of faker_kills' scams is to steal the complete shiny from Maycolxd through exp training, and then sell it for some Star Wars Pokes to Pokeboy83. When all the accounts of this scammer were banned, ul_tra_kills appeared (I think he is the same faker_kills because he knew all the details of the previous scam and if he was another funny person who managed to recover the complete, he never gave it back to its owner), pretending to be Maycolxd's friend and a member of the PV staff (Patrick's messenger) to ask for the Shiny Complete back and save him from a possible ban, I will attach some pictures of the conversation, it is very extensive, but the admins can verify it (poke chat between Pokeboy83 and Ul_tra_kills, because here I can't upload the notepad I have with all that conversation. I request ban to ul_tra_kills and all his accounts, to stop scamming people, he is in discord as Fiorella#9717 @Patrick @flamescape Some of the text chat: hi hi ul_tra_kills My friend Maicol was scammed and had to create another account since they hacked him asking for the return of the pokemon which the already banned user stole MATELINSKA, YELTY AND MATELISNKI ohh,yes i know him/her i did 1 or 2 deals also ul_tra_kills ONE OF HIS POKEMON WHICH IS CELESTIAL WARRIOR WAS STOLEN AND IS ASKED TO RETURN IT he/she had all my starwars pokemons ohh but i gave MANNNY good pokemons for it i did not get it for free ul_tra_kills I DO NOT WANT YOUR ACCOUNT TO BE DELETED OR ANYTHING THAT'S WHY I ASK YOU TO RETURN THE CELESTIAL WARRIOR IT'S A WARNING wth? ul_tra_kills hola BRUH,I GAVE POKEMONS FOR IT,NOT MY PROBLEM,I DID NOT GET IT FOR FREE LEAVE ME ALONE ul_tra_kills friend he lost his account does not compare with what you lost DO NOT GET ME INTO SUCH MESS,I DID NOT HE WAS A SCAMMER AT FIRST,BUT HE DID A TRADE WITH ME FOR IT,I HAD TO GIVE MANY GOOD POKEMONS LIKE MELMETAL,FOSSILS AND ETC.NOT MY PROBLEM,DO NOT TROUBLE ME! Bruh,if i had got it for free,then i could have given,but i had to lose so many good pokemons too' ul_tra_kills we operated that first he gave you a melmetal and a deoxys speed in exchange for the pokemons from star wars then you said you would give him 80mpds and it was not like that, don't lie HUH? NO! I GAVE HIM THE MELMETAL AND MORE POKES ul_tra_kills you could say that you scammed him LEAVE ME ALONE!!! NO ul_tra_kills friend that was seen by patrick do not try to lie or anything or you will deal with the same patrick I do not know what happened exactly we don't want to delete your account so return the pokemon ul_tra_kills we will let you keep the deoxys speed shiny and the melmetal which was bought by yourself well,i can trade for it,but not give in free ul_tra_kills is the last notice we do not want to delete your acount And,if you do not know,i too got scammed chriswal,he scammed me too,i lost my 33.6m pds too yes we know but the pokemon that was seen in the con is not yours is from maycolxD ul_tra_kills We know about the stoves, we cannot return what was stolen, only delete the accounts of the users who scam can you please delete his account? ul_tra_kills no we send to recover stolen pokemons if they do not return them and they refuse we notify Patrick and he checks the accounts ohh,i see ok,i will give the celestial warrior,but i need something in return,cause i trained exp on it too
  5. Yes, I'm still looking for an answer to that. If using night mode (or dark mode) via chrome extension or as a feature of some browser is "cheating" or if it is allowed to use it. So I can use it with confidence and without fear of a future ban, just to try to take care of my eyesight a bit. Help Patrick o Flame
  6. Why people who aren't neutral have power, it should be a requirement to be part of the staff, not support any clan (just to stay neutral)
  7. LF: [(2x Dark), (2x Metallic), (Mystic) y (Shiny)] Aerodactyl. Selling Dark, Mystic and Shadow Scrafty (Ackbar) codes. Pm me in Pokemon or Vortex
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