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  1. I want i will offer Pm me what your real main account IGN.
  2. You know that account is a new useless if the account is banned. https://ibb.co/RvyxFnw But thanks for the information about Exptrain IGN
  3. I already have a clan in case they kick me because they don't want weak exp...NVM @Dqrk messages me if u want to talk this topic is for Give away only...!
  4. To All Winners congrats offer in my Trade to claim your prize Thanks you so much for joining... IGN Ayakamoonlight 1st @Punz 2nd Original Trainer Ciel- Global 1 Respect @tazzer 3rd @Pokomaster29 4th @Anrose 5th @shoomania 6th @Kamalesh2005 7th @galaxyeve101 8th @Dqrk 9th+ LvL 100 / OT Me @Korch
  5. Can i join? If yes IGN ayakamoonlight Btw thanks for the secret prize Give-away
  6. Heylow I remember you [•~•]

    1. eeveecuteness


      Rerember u for ever

  7. Holla [•_-]

    I like your profile anime it's so cute ^_^

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