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  1. Hi will u say any thing about marvel right

    so how many times did doctor strange see future(I mean how many futures did he see)

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    2. Babby246


      Ok he saw  14000605 futures right then y did not tell us about covid 19 do u have answer for this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 

    3. AtharavaSrivastava


      I also thought about that.

      But the story was written years ago so the recent future in the real world was predicted. Simpsons couldn't predict Corona how would Marvel do ?


    4. Babby246
  2. shut up and make new account if u keep going he will ban ur ip address from ur computer and cant play the game no more from dat computer

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    2. AtharavaSrivastava


      I was banned by Patrick because of something what my brother did. I have told Patrick about this only two times a d almost everyone in the whole community thinks that I am spamming him alot and disturbing him, although I am not. He hasn't replied yet. xVx-Oreo is telling me make a new account and keep quite, Patrick has told me that I can't make another account as it will be against the ban

    3. AtharavaSrivastava



      You can check this forum and know the whole story

    4. cursed_charmander12
  3. @Patrick, this only the second time I am pinging you ( I am not spamming ).

    Please check this forum


    And tell me what can you do ?

    I am willing to do anything to get my forums account back. If you can't remove the ban please add a time limit so I can use the account after some time.

    It's not my fault.


    And for everyone who is going to reply to this status update, I have only told Patrick about this twice. I am not trying to disturb him.

    And I don't need you opinion of making another account because Patrick has told that I can't use another account for Forums till I am banned as that would be against the rules.

  4. look you are banned period..........................................................



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    2. jojojobany




    3. RedFlame34


      i agree patrick has so many work to do there is a chance he will just abandon the game

    4. jojojobany


      don't think like that :(

  5. But it's not my fault. Why should I take the damage ?
  6. You can see in his profile. There is a status update where Sneezball says that Izeus has got many chances.
  7. This topic was also started by my eldr brother, so that he could obtain my forums account back.
  8. @tipsyturtle, please don't laugh at my situation
  9. Can anyone help me ??

  10. @iZeus also got many chances after getting banned one time. Can't I get one ? It's not my fault. I can give the audio recording of the call also.
  11. Hello everyone ! I am ATHARAVA2306. I got banned from the forums, i don't know why. I haven't logged in the game or in the forums from 1 day. This device was with my elder brother, who lives in a hostel. I forgot this phone at his hostel by mistake and today I got it back. And the phone has my password saved for the game and forums both. The last post I did on forums was on the Topic of my own about a giveaway on the birthday of Babby246. Only one person entered in the giveaway I asked the person which pokemon he wanted from the prizes ( Venusaur Mega or Blaziken M
  12. Hello everyone this is @ATHARAVA2306. Can I use my only alternate account @AtharavaSrivastava for forums ?
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