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  1. it wont let me reply to your absol carvanha deino inkay thing but i have a shadow absol i can give y- wait... what is the point of those pokemon that you want? you're leaving in july forever. so whats the point?!? and i would have had to get a lv 6 one anyway.

    1. iweimax0524


      oh about leaivng I got the lastest news I will be reporting tat in 1 min

    2. iweimax0524


      exp training it's y I want them

    3. PenguinizedYT


      hey I changed my mind I don't wanna trade the Shiny Charmanderits a Shiny Charizardnow and I don't wanna trade it

  2. undertale GIFundertale GIFundertale GIF

    he wants to protect you

  3. oh one thing u should ge tot a hyper pster by doing a giveaway adn improve ure reputation to +5 atleast

  4. when do i reach rank 4 on forums?

    1. iweimax0524


      post 5 more times

  5. also i kinda never knew you but at this point i wish i did. all of my old real life friends probly forgot about me. because they just left me. basicly in the dust. if they came back i would be so happy however at this point the friends i have now have not left me in 3 years! thats the longest i've ever had a friend before!
  6. i would chose piplup. allways has been my favorite. same with cutest. i would like to be like a cynthia rowlet
  7. how do i make that picture on my profile move (not my profile background.)

  8. *"let me ask you another question..."


    *"D O Y O U W A N T T O H A V E A B A D T I M E ?"


    *"no? you want some grilbyz? no. you want me? gone? well kid. lets just say... i grew a lot of BACKBONE


    *backbone starts to play


    *"yet. more grilbyz is felt. lets slice the burger.

  9. oooooooh yay i have 2 folowers


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