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  1. I love your pfp ❤️ 

  2. Just so anyone knows. I may take short breaks from PV Forums. But I will always come back. If I a. Ever going to take a long break then I will say.

  3. Today is the last day.

    Til my computer is set up,


    The starry night is reflecting the flowers

    On the ground. This is the time for shadow heatran to be found again


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    2. Hardieboi
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    4. candy_fudgekin


      finally i set it up. haha get yeeted mr auto correct

  4. Ty. Been looking for shiny starters but only 4 groudon.
  5. Depends. Do you want all? I don't need em.
  6. one sec looking through notifications then I will check them- do?
  7. If shiny torchic is still available then what u want for it. I am slightly willing to give pds but I don't have much. Only like 1mil or something shiny starters megas and leggies aren't allowed. Almost everything else im willing to trade. Sorry my stuff is trash
  8. Would you be willing to give a single shiny starter. If not thats fine but I have looked for a shiny charmander and only found 4
  9. Perhaps it is time for shiny groudon...
  10. Ign: Candy_fudgekin I will take one of those
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