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  1. What would you be asking? Shiny mega latias, and the shiny combusken, and mega shinyswampert, are not for trading, most of the rest of my pokemon I am willing to trade.
  2. Thanks for the offer, but I am not looking for mudkip or torchic in any form, but thanks again for the offer!
  3. I do, I once hunted it and somehow found shiny latias... I never got le bulbasaur of shining
  4. If this is still going on, I'd like to Participate as he was my first friend. IGN: Candy_fudgekin
  5. Is the shiny charmander still available? If so I might have some worthy trades for it Edit: ok I can give a shiny skarmory, a shinysolrock, and a caterpie (Christmas) tell me if that's enough or not (sorry I can't figure out how to use the pkmn images on phone)
  6. Sorry, I do not have discord, but I could in-game message you or tell you if I am interested in anything on here, if that is ok with you, that is.
  7. I have shiny Torchic and shiny Mudkip, not trading those or looking for, if you have one tell me some things you are looking for, if you cannot decide tell me and I will look through pkm and find a few possible offers
  8. Is that an anime photo I see

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    2. candy_fudgekin


      I'm so lucky but in all the wrong ways

      One I found a shiny Latias one time and caught it and I was looking for a shiny bulbasaur... and just now I found a shiny tapu fini and defeated it by accident while shiny hunting squirtle

    3. candy_fudgekin


      ...and now I have a normal tapu fini if I get any more I could host a tapu fini giveaway..

    4. HyperPanther


      Wtf I got over 15 notifs for this useless conversation 

  9. I'm coming back for a bit :DDD

    also im becoming aaa....


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    2. red_wolf_
    3. candy_fudgekin


      I might check my pokemom and do a giveaway not sure though xD

    4. candy_fudgekin


      Ultra Anime mode



  10. Ok, I'm gonna be gone for a really long time probably, like for around a few months, if not a year. Because I really want to start yt but it owill be a long time, and I had 2 tornadoes in my city within 3 days so thats a worry, I hope to move away soon. So cya! :D

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    2. foodviro2.0
    3. candy_fudgekin


      It's been like only a few months and I feel like it's been so long but good to be back

    4. candy_fudgekin


      I recognize your username Silverstar but maybe it's just a coincidence that it looks a bit like AllStar...

  11. Whats funny is I still don't know how to download gifs

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