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  1. This was pretty much a waste of a topic -__- next time ask other people what would actually be a good offer before making a post about it
  2. People, he if looking for the Arceus Fairy and Mewtwo armor and is offering a Shiny Groudon dont get this confused
  3. Would you consider trading Shiny Genesect Blaze for the normal one?
  4. I have a normal and Shiny Barbaracle Grievous have anything worth it?
  5. How tf did u get get premium if u are caps alt

  6. Spoiler




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Capitalization


      Mewtwo whats yours

    3. Duranton


      Furret :)

      then silvally 

    4. Capitalization


      Aw cute both great pokemon :)

  7. Provide screenshots otherwise no one will believe use a website called Pastepics.com
  8. Spongie where you at :(

    1. red_wolf_


      She probably busy with life or school

    2. Capitalization


      Yeah most likely

  9. I know Wonder123 first of all and they are one of the nicest people I know so I doubt this and second of all your images are invalid so I cant see anything use a website called "Pastepics" to upload screenshots
  10. Congratulations you three have won! Please check my Capitalization trades you will find the 3 Arceus forms that I spinned if you'd like to talk with me and ask for the screen shots please send me a message in game or in forums. Thanks to all that joined the giveaway hopefully I'll do something like this again (Also) The Arceus forms will be first come first serve so make sure to check my trades quick in order to get the form you wanted!
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