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  1. https://imgur.com/a/jW37ClZ https://imgur.com/a/gr393Gm he literally didnt report to the scammer because the scammer just gave him his pokemons back. I just cant believe this lol.
  2. try dming the mods and not release the name here. the person can easily switch to a newer account.
  3. well by the 5th time you should be more cautious. If you can prove it, go ahead with the proof so the mods can do something about the scammer. You will unfortunately not get your pokemons back.
  4. im looking for pokemons that look like cowboys! espicially redharlow and john marston. please give me suggestions if you want! whys the font so small lol
  5. i think this is the only time you agreed with anything.
  6. Yeah i see your point. mb, but if you were able to. mods can just copy and paste it lol.
  7. mercader really researched about me to make a username with my discord and ign death threat account lol. i did escalate the situation by sending a message at him. but here's the "threat". Im not asking for any help but i want the mod/devs to know that mercader is a obnoxious twat whos getting away with everything.
  8. whats wrong with us trying to have better "cosmetic" too? i think you got confused there man
  9. Well just because your a lonely dose not mean you can ask for account password/access. its very idiotic of you to try and excuse yourself by saying your "lonely". that has nothing to do with this matter, and people coudnt care less if you have friends or not.
  10. its wild that the owner has privilege to use special characteristics lol. Now i understand that if you say its just for you, but then again i think A lot of people would appericiate if we could have the same privilege. Just sayin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Then how come allowed to have special characteristics. and forgive me for sounding so rude. i think normal players should be allowed to nickname our pokemon other special characteristics because actual people are checking the nickname to see if its inappropriate or not.
  12. So I realized that Patrick had a Japanese nickname and I recall that it didn't work for me a while ago. so before I got and waste my money. I wanna know if I can also nickname my Pokemon in different language.
  13. <content removed> Please read the trade rules before creating a trade thread.
  14. So he had scammed me out of 1mpd and 7 eeevee he owed me. he currently switched account but I do know he used nanex0000 to scam me too if you see any of these which is highly unlikely cuz he switched. I wish the devs do something about it as he scammed too many people.
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