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Universal Community Trading Thread

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Just now, VITOL said:

what about megaevolved ones? i have both UFT if interested


i was wanting my own username on them :D but thank you have the pokemon just no stones on market :D also got a mewtwo x mega stone but no mewtwo so willing to trade that aswell if needs be :(

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On 6/3/2018 at 5:23 AM, Long55 said:

Lf for events....will offer leggies

Lf: means 'Looking for' already...

U are saying... Looking for for events <_>

Anywayz, NO ONE will trade eventz for leggies, unless the person whose trading.... decides to give away their event. 

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Seeking Nicknameable (I want it named "SCP-002", without the quotation marks) Shiny Mareanie/Toxapex caught in a Great Ball. Offering uniques + a replacement mareanie/toxapex for you + an extra.

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