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On 9/12/2020 at 6:46 PM, ronakcena512 said:


Pokemons I Have : 



Events :

       Missingno. SolgaleoDeoxys (Defense)



Mr. Rime


Special Legendary :


Dark darkrownDark mewDark articuno



Metallic AzelfMetallic GenesectMetallic Giratina

Metallic Xerneas (Active)

Mystic MespritMystic Terrakion


Shadow DialgaShadow DiancieShadow GenesectShadow JirachiShadow mew

Shiny keldeoShiny tapu leleShiny yveltal



DarkraiDiancie (Mega)DratinireEnteiEternatusGiratinaGroudonKyuremLatiasManaphyMoltresReshiramShayminShaymin (Sky)TerrakionThundurusUxieVirizionXerneas (Active)YveltalZacianZamazentaZapdosZygarde







Rare :   BraixenEeveeEmpoleonTyphlosionCharizard (Mega Y)CopperajahDark MilceryEeveeGrimmsnarlJangmo-oJolteonMeganium

Metallic RillaboomMetallic Jangmo-oMunchlaxPichuEmpoleonPopplioRaichuSerperiorTyphlosion




Common : Name it i will tell if i have or not!!



Looking for :  Cosmog(Unique)



                                   EVENT POKEMONS





I want Cresselia

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