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  1. Hey pink ryhorn is impossible to get as it's only 1 in game with flamescape.it won't be in future.
  2. I agree with you. I don't think it's admins fault. People who go in maps should move slowly. @PokemonZayden and legendary pokemons are rare. If u still go fast and miss them then anyone can't help coz no game will give opportunity to catch previous missed pokes.hope u got me. Have a good day
  3. Create a discord account and ask admins about it there. They will reply u fast in discord.
  4. That may be good idea. But Patrick already told that pink pokemons won't come to game as any event or so. Neither is crystal onix. Both won't be available for players.
  5. He is creator of game man. And same like how covid 19 is originated from one person, pokerus gets infected from one Pokemon. Zubat is easy to defeat. So it is infected with pokerus.
  6. It's not event also. It's a store poke.u should spend real money for it
  7. I need a shiny deoxys,shiny new and shiny kyogre. I will complete my shiny legendary dex mostly with these. I offer pd after u find. Any ball u catch I don't stop.
  8. Everyone is facing same problem. I don't think it's a problem. It is taking few seconds coz it should update all the information about battle in game as well in discord.
  9. rotoms5

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Hey, I know it became late. Pat already told it in forums in one post when someone asked him about it. He was a bit busy and he had almost got everything ready for the event. He will start soon. Pat told to wait for some more time. Into the unknown will be first then later u will have necro event.
  10. I guess he is busy now. If he is free he will do yours. He should do mine also tho.
  11. Noprobs. Just don't repeat it
  12. Bad words aren't allowed here. If u want to use them use them in your PM's. Not here. Everyone can see these
  13. Hey, I can understand the problem. But how did u think u will get a dark necrozma with 2m for jus 4.5m pd. Will anyone pay like that. Jus think before going to trade. There r many people like these in vortex. They tell us they take less but they don't give that finally. I got scammed once in this game and I don't want that to be repeated to anyone. So be careful while trading. Hope admins look into this issue
  14. How can someone tally both rates. I mean it's arceus grass code not simple one to get in maps like immunes
  15. Might be. Once all previous season pokes get released in this game, then pat may even plan for it tho. But it takes time for all to happen. May be in the end of this year.
  16. You jus can find others by changing in options. After u login to your account, u can see options on left side below pokedex and members. When u open it u can find option for this.
  17. There is a pokemon n vortex store.u need u pay real money to buy that code from store. U can also trade it from others who purchased it and willing to sell. Same like other premium pokes (giratina (origin), arceus (fairy),etc) u can even get this zeraora. It was recently added to store two months ago. Might be there should be update in event page. Even diglett (Christmas) was event which was not updated. It will be done by administrator soon. Hope u get me
  18. In vortex, there is no strong Pokemon. Few pokemons are strong against others and few are weak. But combinedly there is no strong pokemon
  19. Lol. Jus 10k. I offer 20k pd for shiny caterpie. Don't do job for pory. Do for me.@whatspoppin12
  20. Catch me a shiny Squirtle and shiny Bulbasaur. I'll give u PD. Msg me when it's done. My ign: rotoms5 I'll pay good. Msg me for more details
  21. rotoms5

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Pat seem much active in reading these. And if there is any mistake, he will tag us here But many are tagging him in this page. But he didn't reply. Something is happening. He either wanted this event to be more special than any other or he doesn't want to start necro event
  22. Catch any scatterbug. Evolve it to spewpas. Then evolve again, u can find that
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