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  1. Can't this happen like updating the Pokedex and we can see arceus unknown to be more rare. And I don't really understand how was that classified. Few events are in first pages of Pokedex like arceus ice and others. But in between there are many pokes which doesn't seem to be rare. They are difficult to obtain (unique volcanion,etc) can't they be in most rare list. May not be in last page but could be in 3rd or 4th page.
  2. I don't understand what u are talking about. Discord is not compulsory. It jus connects the game with other players where u can chat with them. U can also participate in quizzes. U can also win rewards and giveaways. If u want to find a Geodude or numel,then jus go to cave land maps and search. Numel is available in fire maps. Discord is jus a chat for gamers. It's not compulsory.
  3. Yeah I agree with u. But when u check arceus unknown with furfrou star, u can find it's more rare (the number is very less). Arceus unknown is heavy priced. But even in Pokedex, it shows furfrou star is more rare than arceus unknown. This can be balanced if furfrou star will be released in next month. There are almost 18 normal arceus unknown in game I think. And furfrou are very less (jus 5). Thanks shadowconspiracy for reacting on this topic.
  4. As far as we all know, arceus is God of the Pokemon, so I advise u to put atleast one of the form of arceus to be rarest. More rarest than any Pokemon in this game. Hope admins do it. As there are many other forms not been released one can have the rarity . People can discuss their opinion on this topic and post it below. Thank you
  5. If he trains on same poke then how will u be benefitted??? Do u have any dupe of it ????
  6. rotoms5

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Pat told it would be marshadow in discord. Start collecting unown (0) and (1) they may help u
  7. Turn on your messages so that u can know what I msged u in game
  8. Hey, I have many of those you need.i need exp. I offer events. Pm me in game ign: rotoms5.
  9. You still have any unique arceus (rock)???? I can give you the ones you added in the list and add some more for it
  10. @schartface I need shadow arceus (rock). I have many shiny starters and events. My ign: rotoms5. If u like anything then pm me in game
  11. I support with your point. And u can take help of other players as they will know many people (like if a user is playing since long time, he might have heard the scammer name in forums or in discord. And u can also take the help of moderators before sending your pokes for exp training. Lunch,sports,and many others who are in discord to help u. And other pokes we can think but arceus unknown is unbearable.better u train those pokes only as they really worth alot
  12. He got banned I think. I can't see his profile in game.
  13. until

    @Patrick. I think I got confused a bit. Even I thought that tax is being deducted but I was wrong. Whole amount is being added up. It's just I saw in my solded auctions that the tax was deducted but I'm getting all my money. Thanks pat
  14. Looking for any shadow furfrou form in code. I offer shadow matron. Code Ign: rotoms5
  15. Congratulations on your 1 year of vortex. Hope you are enjoying.all the best for your future. Rock everything dude!!!!
  16. Hey, I offer shiny Bulbasaur for shiny groudon.ign: rotoms5 U need it???
  17. I have many of those. Pm me in game Ign: rotoms5
  18. 33 ign: rotoms5 Thank u and same to u.
  19. until

    Yeah. It's so sad.
  20. I would go with omg414. As the previous pp pokes values fell drastically, admins can introduce new pokes. Like meloettaperroiate or something like meltan.then even admins will get some profit.we will also be interested in new store pokes.
  21. Then how did people obtain dugtrio Christmas.???
  22. I guess dugtrio Christmas was obtainable from mystery boxes, right,????
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